Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weekly Summary #31

(Weekly Summary 18/01-24/01)

  Monday- I woke up in a good mood to say it was Monday but work also went quick which was good! I'm getting more busy at work so I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I've been learning some new stuff but I think I should get the hang of it. After work we dropped Luke off at his mums and I came home to get changed and just relax, I ended up meeting Luke later for a walk as we needed to talk about a few things. Once it got later I came home and watched a few YouTube videos before we watched Big Hero 6 which I just love but I ended up falling asleep quite early as I was just so tired.

  Tuesday- I woke up a little tired as I didn't really sleep much but I got up and got dressed. Work seemed to fly by today as I was doing the new job I've been learning and I really enjoy it, It involves spreadsheets and stuff like that which I really do enjoy so I'm glad it's become my job. After work my mum had gone to pick my glasses up for me and I can't believe the difference they make I literally can see everything. I got a shower before I changed my bag and sorted my lunch out for work tomorrow. I changed my bag before I caught up on a few YouTube videos. I literally had my glasses on most of the night as my eyes were just killing from all the paperwork today, Once Luke was home he had a nice bath before we just sat talking for a while before we watched Futurama then we watched a film. When we both started to get tired we turned everything off and tried to go to sleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up a little earlier today as we were going to the shop before work today so I was tired, Work was very stressful today again I was doing the spreadsheets which I've been doing all week but I really wanted to just get on and concentrate but I just couldn't as I kept getting disturbed so I was so annoyed today. I wore my glasses quite a lot today too as my eyes were really hurting and I felt as though I can see better with them on. After work I came home and got changed into some comfy clothes before I sat and typed up a few blog posts as I decided this year to just keep myself busy with recent blog posts rather than getting months in advance and forget what I've blogged about. Once Luke was home we just watched TV for a while before we both decided to just cuddle and go to sleep.

  Thursday- Today I actually have to admit I really enjoyed it, It was my late so I didn't actually start until like half 8 so I made myself a cup of tea and just sat on my phone for half an hour which I quite enjoyed as I hadn't done that much this week. Work went very quick today I did some more of my spread sheet today but I found a quicker way to do it which is good so I'll definitely get it done quicker. After work we dropped Luke off at his mums before we came home which I got a shower straight after work before I had my tea which was pizza and chips which I enjoyed. I did my lunch for work before I chose what clothes I wanted to wear as it's non uniform tomorrow at work so I decided on some jeans, a big jumper and some trainers as I just want to be comfortable. Once I had done everything I decided to make myself a hot chocolate and watch some YouTube videos and Netflix as I've started 'Once Upon A Time' and I really like it. Once Luke was home he had his tea and we watched TV but decided to put a film on until we fell asleep.

  Friday- Today was non uniform at work which is always one of my favourite days of the year as I feel more comfortable when I'm sat at my desk, I was so busy again and the day literally flew by. Most of the day I was at my desk doing spread sheets eating a fruit pot I bought and I must admit I actually really enjoyed myself. It was my late so once everyone had gone home Luke came and sat with me in the office and he bought a new phone so he was messing with that and I tried to get my work done but didn't get that far. Once we got home Luke went to his mums and I went with my mum, dad and Aiden to go get their hair cut and we then came home. I decided to run myself a bath as I had such bad belly ache and I thought it would help. Once I had done that I sat on my computer for a while until Luke came home which we ordered Domino's for the first time we were so excited! We then just watched films for the rest of the night until we decided to try and go to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around 5am and just couldn't get back to sleep but I got up around half 8 and started getting ready as I had my driving lesson at half 9 it went okay this week I was just a little bit stressed so I couldn't seem to concentrate. Luke had his lesson after me and he did really well on his which I'm happy about that. We both got ready and headed out around 2pm which we went to his mums for a little bit before heading into town as we were going to see Ride Along 2 and it was so good and funny I definitely recommend it! We both had ice blasts in the cinema but we decided to go get a Subway afterwards so we both had a sandwich and we got some nachos to share. I saw one of my school friends in there and didn't even realise her but we're still close even though we haven't spoke for a long time. Me and Luke headed to his mums for a bit longer before we came home. I have to admit once we had got in we both had something to eat then we both just fell asleep, I was so tired so I was so happy to get into bed.

  Sunday- I woke up around 10am and it was so nice to just get up when I was ready, Luke was already awake when I got up. I made myself some breakfast before we watched some TV shows on Luke's phone before I decided to start tidying up. Luke headed to his mums so I tidied the bedroom before I sorted all my work uniform out, Changed my bag and got a quick shower. I washed my make-up brushes before I did my lunch for work. I made myself a cup of tea before I sorted my old laptop out for my mum and dad. I then sorted a few blog posts out before watching some YouTube videos. I'm debating if to put some false nails on or not I'm not 100% yet what I'm doing. Once Luke was home he had something to eat before we just relaxed watching TV until we were both tired then we both went to sleep.
How was your week?

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