Sunday, 31 January 2016

Weekly Summary #32

(Weekly Summary 25/01-31/01)

  Monday- I literally had the worst sleep last night, I kept tossing and turning and had the worst head ache so I just couldn't sleep, When half 6 came round I was actually relieved to get out of bed and get ready. Work was full on again as I'm still doing the spread sheets but it makes the day fly by and for some reason I do enjoy them. After work I sat with Luke for a while until he went out which I then had my tea and made lunch for work before I changed my bag (again!) and got changed into some comfy clothes. I decided to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions as I'm so behind before I read for a while with a hot chocolate. Once Luke was home we just laid and cuddled whilst watching TV as I asked Luke if we could just relax as since my day was so full on I just wanted to relax so I was so happy when we just laid in bed cuddling.

  Tuesday- I had a nice sleep last night which made up for Sunday night, Work was again so full on I feel like I haven't had a slow day for so long which I'm not complaining about but literally it's so busy. I'm still doing my spread sheet but I must say I'm half way done finally so I feel like I'm getting somewhere with it thank god! After work me and Luke went to Tesco as we needed the bank and we actually got a Gregg's to eat which I was so happy about as I was starving after work, Once Luke had gone out I had my tea which was chicken curry before I got a shower. When I'd dried my hair I decided to apply some false nails as I haven't had any on for a few weeks now and I was starting to miss having them on and I decided on a nude colour. I watched some YouTube videos before reading again until Luke got home. Once Luke was home he had his tea and I made myself something to eat before we watched some cartoons on Luke's phone and just cuddled.

  Wednesday-  I woke up this morning feeling so ill. My nose was blocked, I had a headache and I felt so sick but I got dressed and ready either way. Work was so busy again I literally have no clue where the days go now as I feel they fly by so quickly. After work me and Luke needed the bank again so we went to one near my house and well it did the same as it did to me on Luke tonight which just annoys us as it's happened to us both now but it was only £20 so it wasn't as bad as my £60 which they took from me. Once we got home we were having takeaway for tea so I ordered that before I got changed into some comfy clothes and just relaxed but we think we have a 'mouse' or something like that as we keep hearing noises which just scare me so much. I decided to just watch some YouTube videos before I read again for a while. Once Luke was home he had his half of the takeaway whilst we watched TV before we decided to just relax and cuddle until we both fell asleep.

  Thursday- It was my early at work today and I was in a good mood for some reason, Luke has a few days off now so lucky him he could go back to bed but he actually walked me to work first bless him. He actually went to Tesco for me too as I needed a few things. Work went okay today I'm literally still busy as hell but the days literally fly by which I love. After work I came home and got a quick shower before I watched some YouTube vidoes. Luke was home early so we ordered a takeaway and watched TV whilst we ate that. Once we had eaten we decided to get comfy for the rest of the night and we just laid cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Friday- It's Friday! I woke up in a good mood again but I was tired. Work literally flew by today but I have to say I'm nearly done with the spread sheet thank god! I finished at 3pm today from work which is why I love Friday's at work but once I was home I was in a little pain so I decided to get a nice bath once I was home before I dried my hair and had my tea which was omelette and salad. I decided to watch some YouTube videos before I listened to Zayn's new song (I really like it!) Once Luke was home we did the same thing we did Thursday night which was just chill out watching TV and cuddling.

  Saturday- I woke up around half 9 and just laid there for a while until I had my breakfast, My driving lesson was at 12 so I started getting ready around 11. My lesson went really well and I'm enjoying them a lot more but people just walked out in front of the car and stuff so annoying! Luke's lesson was straight after mine and he said his went really well too which is good as he seems like he's getting there now. Once we were both ready we headed to Luke's mums for a while. I had another 'funny turn' whilst we was at Luke's mums so before we came home I was mainly sat in the back garden having some fresh air with Luke. He gave me his jacket bless him whilst we walked home, He went into the shop on the way home and bought me some sweets and a big bottle of water before we got home. Once we were home and all sorted we ordered a Domino's (again!) When we had eaten all that we mainly just laid and watched TV until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- You all know it's one of my favourite days of the week! I woke up around half 10 as I just couldn't sleep through the night so I caught up on my sleep. Once I was up I had some breakfast and me and Luke just cuddle for a while. We fed Hermann before Luke headed out. I decided to clean the bedroom before I ran myself a bubble bath, I did my lunch for work before I ate my lunch which we had KFC for Sunday dinner. I dried my hair before I painted my nails a new colour I recently bought. I decided to just watch some YouTube videos for the night as I decided to do some blog posts on Monday night. Once Luke got home he made himself something to eat before we headed upstairs to just chill out. We ended up watching TV and cuddling until we both fell asleep.
How was your week?

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