Monday, 29 February 2016

Another Week Goes By!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's that time of the week again so feel free to go get a cup of tea or whichever hot beverage you prefer ready for my little ramble of my week before.

  This week was a roller coaster one for me, I started this week off in a good mindset as it was payday at the end of the week, Luke was at home all week and he was getting his tattoo on Friday which I was excited for so I was really up for this week. Work just threw me off quite a bit as I'm still not in a proper routine yet and I like to be in control so when I don't really have a routine I get a little stressed and fed up (I'm just one of those people who's really organised and I like to know what's going on) so I had a day at the beginning of the week where I just literally burst as I'd been so stressed recently with other things and I just cracked. I sorted everything out and I'm now back to my happy self, It's also been payday and I'm just in a good place at the moment and I treated myself to some new clothes, bag and shoes... I love treating myself.
  Luke's tattoo is just so nice, I literally love it so much as he had shown me what he wanted which I liked but the tattooist changed it quite a bit and I just love this a lot more. It's a skulls head and an owl on the skull (It's hard to explain!) but he got it shaded with just red little bits showing through and it looks incredible.
  I had a lovely weekend as I spent a lot of time with my family which I feel I haven't done properly for a long time and well I just really enjoyed it, We did a bit of shopping together before we just watched TV and stuff like we used to but I just really loved it and I felt so relaxed which I haven't felt like that for a while.
  So with it been payday I will definitely be treating myself a lot more as I feel like I've been saving more of my money than I normally do just ready for the next few months but this month I've decided I'm going to just treat myself to a few things which I've wanted for a while so I can just either update my wardrobe or buy more make-up which I so desperately need (I really don't need anymore but I feel like I do).
I hope you have a lovely week!

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