Wednesday, 10 February 2016

First Impression- Graze Box

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would do a first impression on a Graze box I recently received in the post.

  Graze if you didn't know is a subscription box which you can sign up for and you get healthy snacks delivered to your door, I signed up in 2014 but I never really stuck to it and actually tried the snacks so I just cancelled the subscription but recently I've been trying to eat more healthier and I thought this would be the great way to start as with the snacks been in small pots I can take them to work with me in my bag and snack on them at my desk, You can choose the boxes to come weekly or fortnightly and for now I'm doing fortnightly to see if I enjoy them enough to change it to weekly. The boxes are £3.99 per box which I think is quite good as I feel when you get something like this it may push you to eat more healthy. So I thought I would do a first impression on the first box I've received and may carry this on with each box I get, I won't of tried any of the snacks when I type up this post but may add my thoughts of the snacks in bold so you can see what I thought of them when I tried them out.

  The first snack I received was some wild blueberry toasts with a white chocolate dip, I had actually requested to try this as I felt I would really enjoy them. The white chocolate dip will get rid of my chocolate craving and I love blueberries so I think the blueberry toasts will be such a nice snack to try. These I loved! The toasts were very sweet and I just love blueberries so I loved them I will say they are a little tough when eating them but I loved them. The white chocolate dip added such a lovely touch to these and I just think they were so nice together and I definitely enjoyed them.

  The next snack I received was a yoghurt topper in the flavour Cherry & Chocolate, I have wanted to try some yoghurt toppers for a while so when I saw this in the box I was so excited. I feel like I will enjoy this as with it been cherry and chocolate I will really like this. Again it will probably help my chocolate craving. This includes cocoa granola, Hazelnuts, Cherry pieces and soya protein crisps so this will hopefully fill me up too. I bought a Greek vanilla with honey yoghurt to have these with so hopefully I enjoy it. I haven't attempted these as of yet.
  The next snack was a coconut crumble cake with passionfruit and mango dip, I saw this and swooned I love anything with coconut in it so I know I will definitely enjoy this. I have no idea if I will actually have the dip with the cake as I'm not 100% if I will like the passion fruit and mango dip but I will definitely give this a go. The scent of the cake just smells like coconut which was a good thing to me, The smell of the dip put me off trying it as it just smelt far too sweet for me. I have to say you could definitely smell the mango in the dip- The cake was very sweet and soft when you tasted it which I really liked, The coconut left an after taste once you had eaten the cake but I definitely enjoyed this. 

  My last snack in the box was another yoghurt topper in the flavour Honeycomb & Almond. I was a bit surprised to get two of these in one box but I'll definitely give them both a try. I feel this one may go better with the vanilla Greek yoghurt which I got as it also have honey in the yoghurt so that should go nicely with the honeycomb in the topper but we will see if I actually like the yoghurt toppers. In this topper you have oat & barley granola, Almonds, Chocolate coated honeycomb and soya protein crisps. Again this has chocolate in it and I'm really happy all these snacks have chocolate in it as I know I will start getting cravings soon.
I also haven't tried these as of yet.
Have you subscribed to Graze?


  1. These all sounds delicious! I've never tried Graze boxes but I've always liked the idea of them! The Honeycomb & Almond yoghurt topper sounds very yummy xo

  2. I'd definitely recommend giving them a go! But they can be quite expensive if you get them weekly which is a shame. I still haven't tried the toppers but I really need to give them a go they are in the cupboard waiting! Thanks for reading<3
    Meg xo