Friday, 5 February 2016

January Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So today's post is going to be the things I've been loving in the month of January.

  January was a month where I was attempting to not buy myself any make-up so I tried to just use my new make-up from Christmas and old pieces which were hidden in my make-up collection. January was a very whirlwind month for me but it flew by and I must say I'm looking forward to see what February brings for me- So let's share the products I've loved in the month of January.

  Nivea Men Post Shave Balm- I saw this on a few YouTube videos saying this was the best primer they had tried and with my skin been very oily I'm always looking for a better primer so I thought I would try this. I have to say Luke got a little tester in a gift set for Christmas so he let me take this and try it out. This is a good primer but I feel like I need to keep testing it out to get a good feel for it but it does apply really nicely I apply this on my skin and leave it to settle for a few minutes, My make-up has been staying on all day which is always a plus thing but I just love how this makes my skin feel before I apply my foundation.

  Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 1C0 Shell- This is a foundation which always re-appears on my monthly favourites as this is my go to foundation and most months I love how this makes my skin look even when I'm having my 'Bad Skin' days. The colour suits me perfectly and I don't find that with many foundations. My skin is very oily as I said above but I just find the formula of this foundation works really well with my skin which I know my make-up will stay put when I use this foundation.

  Clinique Chubby Stick Contour- This is another product which re-appears most months but I just really love this, I know that when I apply this is does actually add some definition to my skin as I have quite a round shaped head so I need as much definition to my skin as I can and this works perfectly. This is a cream contour but I apply this and apply a powder contour over the top to make it more prominent on my skin. Although I'm very fair skinned the shade of this is perfect but Clinique only brought this shade out for contouring but this would definitely suit different skin types.

  The Balm Mary Lou Manizer- This is a highlight which again I've seen many YouTubers raving about this and I picked it up, I'm so glad I did as I love this highlighter as I find it so easy to use and I always thought I would apply far too much highlighter but I know the right amount to apply of this for it to look natural on my skin. I love The Balm's packaging as I think it's so cute which is another reason I love this product. I apply this with a fan brush as I feel it works best for me and I apply this as my last step of my make-up routine as I feel it finishes my make-up off on a morning.

  The Balm Hot Mama! Blush- Again another of The Balm's products but I just love this blush, I got this for Christmas and have loved it ever since. This is more of a peach toned blush which I prefer for my skin and it just adds a nice little pop of colour to my make-up as I try to keep my make-up to a minimum for work and I feel as though this is just a nice little touch to my make-up. Again the packaging is so cute but I really dislike the matte packaging on the inside as it just gets ruined whenever you use it but nothing a face wipe can't solve. I have to say this blush lasts all day and I can still see the colour on my skin even on those days where my make-up has started to separate before the end of the day.

  Nars One Shocking Moment Palette- This is another recent purchase which I actually bought myself after Christmas, I'm not going to talk too much about this palette as I'm going to do a review on my blog very soon but I wanted to add this into my favourites this month as I have used this throughout January every day. This palette is perfect for me as it has a highlight shade, contour shade, bronzer and four blush shades. I can use this for everything I need to apply on my face and you know it's such good quality make-up.

  Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bon Bon- This is an old purchase from 2015 but I really love these lipsticks as they just apply so well and have a lovely shine when applied, This shade is more of a brown toned red which is what I've been reaching for recently. The packaging is very sleek which I love and just looks stunning when you have it in your make-up bag or your actual bag. As I said these lipsticks apply so smoothly and with ease it's a lipstick I reach for when I have work as it's no fuss so I can quickly apply it before I head out of the door.
  Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in 06 Soft Nude- Lipgloss is something I stay away from as I don't really enjoy applying lipglosses or anything like that but I think it's because I haven't researched enough before I have bought one but this one is a matte formula and it just applies so easily. The scent of this reminds me of something very sweet which is a reason I love using this as the scent of it is just so sweet. The shade of this is a nude pink shade which when applied over the Seventeen lipstick it makes the lipstick a more muted red which I've really been loving- By applying this for some reason this adds more life to my lips making them look a little bit bigger which I'm not complaining about!
  Essence lip Liner in 006 Satin Mauve- I love Essence lip liners and this one has been a shade I've been reaching for more, It's a very muted nude shade which I have to say is just a little darker than my natural lip colour but I just love lining my lips with this as I know I can't make many mistakes and if I do it's easily sorted, I know when I apply this on my lips before my lipstick it will last a lot longer than the lipstick on it's own.
What was your favourites of January?


  1. Great post, your photos are amazing quality which camera do you use? My favourites for January have been Benefit Hoola and a Nars lipgloss! Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? X

    The Fashion Road

  2. All these items of makeup look so pretty! I really need to visit an essence counter I have heard they are really good and cheap x