Monday, 1 February 2016

Music Favourites!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday but I decided to share my music favourites with you for a change so here we go:

  William Singe- So I've put a link for you guys to check him out but he does covers on YouTube and I'm literally obsessed he's so talented and well I've just loved listening to his covers as he has such an incredible voice. Definitely go check him out you won't be disappointed.

  The 1975 by The 1975- This was one of my favourite albums when I started finding my like favourite music genre and well I kind of fell out of love with it as I'd listened to it so many times I just got bored of it but I recently started listening to it again and I've fallen straight back into love with it.

  Pillowtalk by Zayn- This came out on Friday and I have to say I really like it, It has a catchy vibe and I do really like the 'feel' of the song when I listen to it and even if you wasn't really a 1D fan you may like this.

  Coasts by Coasts- This is their debut album and I just fell in love with this album when I have a listen on spotify. It's one of those albums which just put me in a good mood after the first couple of songs. I'd recommend this album to anyone who likes The Neighbourhood or The 1975.

III. by JoJo- This little album came out a while back but if your a JoJo fan and I have been one since I was little then I was in heaven when I listened to this as it just reminded me of when I was younger listening to JoJo. I have to say the four songs which are on the album are so good.

  Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer- I'm listening to this album on repeat as I'm seeing them in concert in April and well I wanna know every word ready for the show. 5 Seconds Of Summer are definitely one of my many favourite bands and I love this album.


  1. I love coasts! I think they are so under rated! Great playlist x

  2. I had literally never heard of them until I found them on Spotify! So happy I did:)
    Thanks for reading!<3

  3. Thank you for recommending songs, as I'm on the lookout for new albums and artists to listen to! I recently got Spotify premium but all I've been listening to is Bieber haha. I'm downloading Coasts now and having a listen!! :) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. Your very welcome! Bieber is always good to listen to:) Let me know what you think of Coasts:D
    Spotify Premium is so worth the money!
    Thanks for reading!<3