Friday, 12 February 2016

One of my new loves

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a little blog post of one of my new loves- A new lipstick.

   If you've followed my blog for a while now you may know that well I have an obsession with lipsticks like I have a draw full yet I seem to need to buy more for myself. I don't but somehow I buy more and more every month. I thought I would share with you one of my most recent lipsticks which I've fallen in love with. (Yes you can fall in love with a lipstick I swear!)

  MaxFactor is a brand which I don't really tend to reach for when I'm shopping but I saw this shade and I literally fell in love with it. I love how moisturising and one of my all time favourite lipsticks is by MaxFactor in the shade 'Rosewood' so I knew I'd love the lipstick it's in the shade '711 Midnight Mauve' as you can see above and it's one of the prettiest mauvy shade I've ever seen, I prefer to buy mauvy colours as I feel they seem to suit me better than reds and pinks as they add a bit more colour to your lips than just a nude shade. This has purple undertones but I honestly love how this colour looks on my lips. The packaging is another thing I love about these lipsticks as the black and gold packaging just looks so sleek and stylish I feel as though it just looks stunning. I didn't pay too much for this lipstick but can't remember the price but if you are looking for this range of lipsticks Ebay would be a great place to look as they have so many of these lipsticks on there which have never been used and are brand new, So you will be getting a new lipstick for such a cheap price I'd definitely recommend looking on there for these lipsticks. I would definitely recommend these lipsticks to anyone who has an obsession to lipsticks or just wants to treat themselves. As I said these are very moisturising so you could apply a lip balm underneath or you just wear this alone.
Have you tried any of the Max Factor lipsticks before?

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