Sunday, 7 February 2016

Weekly Summary #33

(Weekly Summary 01/02-07/02)

  Monday- Today started quite well I woke up in a good mood and I was happy with how my make-up turned out (hardly ever happens!) Work was so hectic, It was month end so you have to get everything sorted by a certain time so it's always busy, I got given a lot more work to do which I'll slowly get done but I finished the spread sheet thank god! After work I got changed and had my tea before having a phone call from one of the girls I work with. The rest of the night I just chilled out with Luke watching TV before we cuddled for the rest of the night. 

  Tuesday- Today I decided to get up a little later as I was so comfy in bed which was a good thing in a way as I felt much better. My skin is slowly getting better so I don't need to apply too much make-up to my face which is another plus. Work was hectic like no joke I was super busy but I was proud of myself for how much I had actually got done. I was a bit annoyed when I finished work but I just let it go. After work Luke was at home waiting for me bless him but I got a quick shower before I changed my bag and had tea which was so nice! Luke headed out for a bit so I caught up on some blog posts and YouTube subscription before I made myself a flavoured tea and watched a bit of TV. When Luke got home we just laid and watched TV for a bit but Luke's found a TV programme which just isn't my sort of thing so I read for a while until I was tired, Once we were both tired we turned everything off and attempted to go to sleep.

  Wednesday- I literally didn't want to move out of bed this morning so I dragged myself out of bed a bit earlier to make sure I was up and awake. My skin was a little worse for wear this morning so I applied a bit more make-up today than I did on Tuesday as my skin never stays clear for long. Work was so hectic again as I have so many piles to get done but Princess Anne is officially opening our new factory on Monday so I was helping make sure everything is perfect for Monday. After work once I had got home I got changed before having my tea which was a roast dinner, I then wrote up a blog post which is my January favourites before I watched a few YouTube videos. Once I had done all that I decided to just watch TV with Luke for the rest of the night until we decided to try and get to sleep ready for work.

  Thursday- Today I woke up around 6am which is strange for me but I was actually awake so I made myself some breakfast before getting ready, Work I was mainly catching up on my work as I know for the next few days we're going to be so busy getting everything ready for Monday. I finished work at half 4 and when I got home I got a quick shower before I had tea which was home made cheese burgers and chips they were so nice! Once I had done everything I sat down with a cup of coffee and typed up a few blog posts for this weekend so I can just relax tomorrow after work. Once Luke was home he had his burger and chips before we just chilled out and watched TV for the rest of the night.

  Friday- I woke up today quite early again so I got to spend some time on my make-up again and I was really happy with how it turned out and how my hair looked. Work was so busy as we were rearranging the reception area and the meeting rooms ready for Monday, I was then making a photo collage before we had to clean our desks and stuff. After work I changed the bedding as I had ordered new pillows and quilt cover for my bed. I then got changed and cleansed my face before I had some left over Chinese which I enjoyed. I then watched some YouTube videos before I read for a while. When Luke came home we ordered a takeaway before we just watched some films and went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around half 10 with Luke and I woke up with the worst headache and I knew I was coming down with a cold. I had my breakfast and we just laid watching TV before Luke started getting ready and I painted my nails. I headed to the pet shop with my mum before we went for a walk around Tesco and I picked up a few things (Not much make-up!). I got back around 5pm and just laid watching TV with Luke for a while as we've started watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning on Netflix. I decided to read tonight as I feel like I haven't properly read in a while so I decided to read whilst having some YouTube videos playing in the background. Once Luke got back we just laid watching some films on Netflix until we both started to get tired but it was midnight and my cold had definitely got worse.

  Sunday- Sunday's are always my favourite day of the week and today I woke up around half 9 and had my breakfast and a cup of tea I have to admit I had a banging headache so I took some tablets and got back into bed but I decided to read for a bit as I couldn't go back to sleep. Once Luke was up we just laid talking to each other for about an hour or so, I decided to take some pictures for my blog as the lighting was quite good. I cleaned the room whilst Luke sorted the tortoise and lizard out for me. I had my dinner which was stew before I sorted my clothes out for work tomorrow and ran myself a bath, I changed my bag before deciding to start some of the blog posts I wanted to type up. I made myself a coffee before I watched some YouTube videos. I decided to read again for a while as I feel I'm starting to get back into the routine of reading and I'm really enjoying it. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just laid in bed watching TV until we were both tired and we went to sleep.
How was your week?

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