Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekly Summary #34

(Weekly Summary 08/02-14/02)

  Monday- I woke up around 6am and got up to have my breakfast and get ready. Work was very stressful today as we had Princess Anne coming at 12pm so we had visitors coming all morning and making sure everything was in place. After work I came home and took my heels off as my feet were killing me, I then got changed before I made my lunch for work and made my tea which was a curry. I then made myself a coffee to settle down with to watch some YouTube videos and type up some blog posts. Once Luke was home I helped him make something to eat before we went upstairs to just watch TV until we were tired.

  Tuesday- I woke up far too tired this morning and my cold had gotten worse so I got up a bit later than I should of but I needed to stay in bed a bit longer. Work was okay I had gone in with the mind set of 'Get everything done' so I got most of my work done woo! I have to say I wasn't really in the mood to just let the day pass by as I was motivated today so I was proud of myself after work. Once I had got home me and Luke just relaxed for a while before I had my tea as I've been so hungry recently. I got a shower before changing my bag (Again!) I then just read for a while with a cup of tea as I wanted a night away from my laptop so I decided to leave it off. Once Luke was home we just laid and watched TV until we were both quite tired then we just laid cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up feeling tired again and had to literally drag myself out of bed. Work was very successful again as I got quite a bit of my work done and I feel as though I'm progressing with my new work I've been learning as I feel I understand it now. I had a meeting in the afternoon to learn a new job too which doesn't seem to stressful, After work me and Luke just relaxed downstairs with my mum and dad and had our tea whilst watching TV. Luke headed out for a bit so I caught up with my YouTube and blog stuff before he got back as I feel more comfortable doing it when I'm on my own. Once Luke was home we just laid watching some Netflix before we tried to get some sleep.

  Thursday- Today I woke up a little late which isn't normally like me but I was ready in time so it was fine. Work again I was just in my motivated mood and got on with my work towards the end of the day I kind of lost motivation but I can catch up with it tomorrow so it's fine! I am so happy with how much work I've achieved this week thank god! After work my draw organisers had arrived so Luke helped me do it and I feel my draws look so organised and my make-up is all sorted, I probably wont have it like that forever but it will do until I buy new storage. I then had my tea which was lasagne, salad and chips it was so nice! I then got a shower before drying and straightening my hair. I decided to catch up on some YouTube videos but blogging again for a while but I then decided to read instead. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just laid and watched TV for a while.

  Friday- I woke up late again but I was ready in around half an hour so all good. Work was one of those days where everything was stressful and full on as I was trying my best to get my work fully up to date ready for next week but didn't really work if I'm honest, I got some work done but not as much as I wanted and my head was killing me. After work when we got home Luke was messing with his gun before we sat downstairs for a while, I quickly headed to Tesco with my mum as I needed the bank. Once I got back Luke and I just relaxed for a while watching YouTube videos before we had a little play fight. Luke headed out so me, my mum and little brother headed to my cousin's house but I was in my Pj's so me and Aiden just sat in the car. Once we got back I made us all a cup of tea whilst my mum made egg sandwiches for us. I watched a few YouTube videos before I got up to date with my blog posts. Once Luke was home we just laid in bed watching TV and cuddling before we went to sleep.

    Saturday- I woke up around half 8 ready to start getting dressed for my driving lesson, It went really well this week and I feel nearly ready for my test I feel I understand it a lot better than when I first started which is obviously expected but I just feel proud of myself. Luke had his lesson after me and he said it went really well which was good and he's doing manoeuvres now so he's learning quickly. Once Luke was back he just had a cup of tea and watched TV for a while before we headed to Tesco and we bought so much food! and our brownie mix, When we got back we actually started the baking straight away so we did that for a while and whilst we were waiting for the oven to cook the brownies we just watched TV. Once the brownies were done I actually had some with ice cream and it was so nice I was happy with how they turned out. I got ready to head out with Luke as we were going to his mums. Once we were back from Luke's mums we had our takeaway which was pizza and chips, I cleansed my face and we got into bed to just relax and fall asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 8am as I needed toilet (This happens every time I try and have a sleep in) When I got back into bed Luke came and cuddled me for a while. We got up and I had breakfast with a cup of tea and Luke just had a drink. I went to my cousins new house as he wanted us to have a look round so I quickly got dressed and headed there for an hour. Once I had got back Luke was messing around with his RC car so I just started to tidy the bedroom which didn't take me too long. I had my dinner which was corn beef hash whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Whilst I waited to have some dessert I decided to just do some blog posts before I did a bit of exercise for a while whilst my bath was running as I'm wanting to do more exercise. I had a nice bath before I dried my hair and straightened it. I made our lunches for work before I changed my bag ready for work as I always use small bags on a weekend. I then just watched YouTube videos with a cup of coffee for the rest of the evening. When Luke got home he had his tea before we just relaxed for the rest of the evening. I have to say I really have enjoyed today and you know I love Sunday's.
How was your week?

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