Sunday, 21 February 2016

Weekly Summary #35

(Weekly Summary 15/02-21/02)

  Monday- I woke up around 2am thinking it was Sunday and actually turned my alarm off but I did actually wake up at half 6 ready to get up. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got dressed for work. Work was very stressful today but I just got on with my work as I'm trying to get back in front which takes a while as some days its more busy than others. After work I just relaxed with Luke for a while before I had my tea and got changed and cleansed my face. I watched some YouTube videos with a cup of tea whilst I typed up a blog post. Once Luke was home he had his tea and we just watched TV whilst cuddling.

  Tuesday- I woke up around half 6 ready to fall back asleep but dragged myself out of bed, I'd slept in a massive jumper so I was so cosy I literally didn't want to get out of the warmth. Work was okay I didn't get that much done today I wont lie but oh well! After work when we got home I decided to get a shower whilst Luke was messing around with his RC cars as he's making something with his old cars. He headed out around 7 and I decided to just dry my hair and chill out but actually rang one of the girls from the office for a little chat, We had takeaway for tea which was so nice. I decided to just stay off my laptop tonight so I decided to just read for a while which I enjoyed. Once Luke was home he had his half of the takeaway before we just laid in bed cuddling as I had such bad stomach cramps so he was sympathetic bless him.

  Wednesday- I woke up late today so I was quickly rushing around getting ready for work, Work was okay today I got most of my spreadsheets done so I was happy. I still have another box before I'm up to date but I'm closer now than I was when I first started them. After work me and Luke started getting ready as we were off out for a family meal, The meal was lovely as we ate then just sat chatting a while, Once we was home I quickly did my lunch for work before I got changed into my Pj's as I wanted to just relax as it was getting late. I watched TV most of the night before we went to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up late again this morning I have no idea what is wrong with me this week I'm just so tired this week for some reason, Work went okay it was my late so I didn't start until half 8 so I just relaxed with a cup of coffee until I started work. I wasn't too busy today so it was a nice relaxing day at work and I wasn't too stressed. After work I finished around 10 minutes early so me and Luke headed to the tattoo shop where Luke wanted to see if they have any appointments and he actually was able to book one for next week to get his sleeve finished and they seemed really nice so hopefully that goes well. Once we was home I had my tea which was spaghetti Bolognese it was so nice and I did my lunch for work before I got a shower, I decided to just relax tonight so I just painted my nails and read for a while. Once Luke was home he has his tea then we just laid and watched TV until we went to sleep.

  Friday- I got up okay today which has been a change as I literally haven't been able to get up this week at all, Work went okay today it was a nice day which dragged a little but I just got on with my work. After work we went and handed Luke's deposit in for his tattoo and then came home which we just watched some videos on YouTube before he headed out. I made myself some salad and chips for my tea before I watched some YouTube videos and was looking at cars as I am nearly there for my test and I'm hoping I pass. I made myself a hot drink and just read some blog posts for a while. Once Luke was home we just laid and watched TV like we normally do after Luke had eaten, I didn't feel great as it's the time of the month so Luke just cuddled me until I fell asleep bless him.

  Saturday- I got up around half 8 with the worst stomach cramps I've had for so long, I had my driving lesson at half 9 so I got ready and I just want to say it took me 15 minutes to do my hair and make-up which is a record to me, My driving lesson didn't go great I think it's cause I know my test is closer so I'm stressing but I did get all my 'Show me, Tell me' questions right so that was good. Luke's lesson went good again which he was happy about, He's really getting into them now. We literally did a massive clean in the bedroom and cleaned the lizard and the tortoise out before I sorted all my wardrobe out and stuff. I decided I was up for going out with Luke as my stomach cramps were just so bad so I wanted to just chill out. Once Luke had gone out I sorted my bags out before I quickly washed my hair and made something to eat. I decided to just watch some YouTube videos and typed up blog posts for next week in advance. Once Luke was home he had something to eat and we just cuddled watching TV until we went to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 9am but just laid in bed until around 10 cuddling Luke, Once I was up I made some breakfast for myself before me and Luke watched a film in bed. I decided to start doing all my stuff I needed to do as I was off out with Luke for the afternoon. I took some blog pictures before I sorted my uniform out for work and changed my bag. I sorted all my blog posts out for next week and made my lunch for work before I started getting ready, I had something to eat before we headed out for the afternoon. Once we got home I got a shower ready for work and we had something to eat before we watched a film on TV and relaxed for a while until we started getting tired and decided to try and get to sleep.
How was your week?

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