Sunday, 28 February 2016

Weekly Summary #36

(Weekly Summary 22/02-28/02)

   Monday- I woke up at half 6 to get up and ready for work, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready which I really enjoyed. Work started off great as I was catching up on my work and doing some spreadsheets it then just went downhill and was one of the worst days I've had for a while. After work I was just really fed up and upset so I got changed and took my makeup off and just sat with my mum and had a cup of tea and a catch up, Once Luke got home he had his tea before we just chilled out for a bit, We decided to put some music on and play Jenga which we played for a little before Luke made this hologram thing and when you play a video and put it on top of your phone it brings the picture to life it was so good! After that we just relaxed listening to music on low until we were tired then we went to sleep and Luke cuddled me as he knew I didn't have a great day so we fell asleep cuddling.

  Tuesday- I woke up around half 6 but just couldn't move out of bed. I got ready for work whilst watching YouTube videos again, work went better today I told my boss about how I was feeling and hopefully things get sorted, after work I got a quick shower before I ate my tea, Luke came home and ate his tea whilst I did my lunch for work. We watched Kung Fu Panda before we just relaxed listening to music again and I changed my bag. Once we started getting tired we cuddled and fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half 6 and was actually awake when I got up which isn't like me on a morning, I watched YouTube videos again whilst I was getting ready. Work was okay today I just got on with my work and the day passed quite quickly and I feel I was quite productive today. After work when I got home I went to the bank before I went home and got into my pj's which I just love on days where I just want to chill out, I took my makeup off and made myself a cup of soup as I was a little hungry but not too hungry where I wanted a full meal. I watched some YouTube videos before Luke got in and we just chilled out for a while, We watched the Brit Awards for most of the night before we got into bed and cuddled until we went to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up ready to get out of bed as I hadn't had a good sleep for some reason, Work went really good today and I actually enjoyed the day I have to say it flew by! I caught up on some of my work not that much but I feel in front with my work so I'm not as stressed. In the afternoon I did another bit of work which I haven't done before so I took my time with it. After work when I got home I changed my bag, Sorted my clothes out for tomorrow and got a quick shower. Once I had dried my hair I ordered my mum her Mother's Day present which I may get her some more stuff yet, I then helped my little brother with his homework whilst I ate my tea. I watched some YouTube videos until Luke got home- He had his hair cut differently and he looks so different, Once he had eaten his tea we just cuddled in bed watching TV until we went to sleep.

  Friday- Today was non uniform at work so when I got up I spent a bit more time on my makeup as I just feel more comfortable doing my makeup properly when I have my own clothes on I have no idea why. Work went really well today again I was just pacing my work out as I just wanted to get it done but I was taking my time and the day flew by, Luke was getting his tattoo finished and he came to meet me at work at 3pm and I just have to say I love his tattoo. Once I had got home Luke headed to his mums as it was payday and I needed to go to the bank and I wanted to look in New Look, I bought quite a bit from New Look including a new bag which I really like. When we got home I helped my mum and nan change all the beds as my mum had bought us all new bedding which was really nice, I cleaned my room before trying my new clothes on. I washed my hair before I ate my tea, I changed my bag to my new one before I decided to just watch some YouTube videos whilst I did some blog posts. Once Luke was home he had something to eat before he sorted his tattoo out by applying cream and stuff. We decided to just cuddle in bed until we were both tired.

  Saturday- I woke up around 8:30 as I had driving at half 9 and I like to get up early to know I'm awake before I actually go out driving, So I just sat and got ready before waking Luke up at 9 to know he's also awake ready for his driving. I had some tea and toast before I went for my lesson it went really well and I feel ready for my test but we will see on the day if my nerves kind of ruin it all (Hopefully not!) Luke's lesson went really well too and he seems to be picking more up each week which is good, Whilst he was on his lesson I had some cereals and watched some YouTube videos. Once Luke was back we just watched TV for a while before we headed shopping as Luke wanted some jeans and stuff for when we went out later and whilst we was there I picked up a new coat which was on sale I really like it. We just chilled out again for a while before we both started getting ready, Once we were ready we headed to Luke's mums for a bit and called to the shop so we could get something to eat. We headed into town as we were going to the cinema but the taxi was a bit late getting there and the queue was horrendous so we decided to skip the cinema and go for something to eat, We went to a burrito place where you kind of pick what you wanted and it was so nice. We then went shopping for a little while until all the shops started to close and we headed back to Luke's mums for a little bit longer. Once we were home we order a takeaway and ate that and by then it was midnight so we just laid in bed cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- This is the only day me and Luke actually get to have a lie in so we just laid in bed for a while once we had woke up before I made myself some breakfast and a cup of coffee. We just chilled out for a while before Luke helped my mum lift a few things as she was moving around. Me and Luke were just listening to music for a while as we both just had no energy to start anything. After I had eaten my dinner and pudding before I decided to start cleaning up as the bedroom needed a good clean but we have ordered a new bed which is coming this week so will be doing a big clean in the bedroom anyway but I wanted it to look clean. I then did my lunch for work before sorting my uniform out. I ran myself a nice bubble bath before I decided to just sit and relax catching up on some YouTube videos. I need to type up a few blog posts but I don't feel I have the energy right now to do it but we'll see. Once Luke was home he had something to eat before we just laid and watched TV until we were both tired and tried to get an early night for work tomorrow.
How was your week?

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