Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Graze Box #3

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm here with another look into my Graze box which came in the post at the weekend.

  So this is my third box from Graze and I'm just really enjoying getting a box of healthy snacks to keep at my desk which I can snack on when I'm getting a bit peckish, I know these snacks in these boxes are much better than endless chocolate bars and packets of crisp I would eat at my desk throughout the day.
  Popping Corn Lightly Salted- This was the first thing I saw in the box when I opened it up, It's popcorn which is lightly salted. This is obviously something I will need to eat at home but I know it's something both me and Luke could have as he really enjoys popcorn so I'm looking forward to making this and actually trying it out when it's done, I prefer more sweeter tastes for popcorn like toffee but I'll give this a go.
  Light Lemon & Poppy Slice and Afternoon Infusion- So this intrigued me when I first saw this in the box but I'm really looking forward to trying this out, So we have a few slices which look like a biscuit type of thing (I haven't opened this yet so I'm not 100%) which is a lemon and poppy flavouring so we will see if I enjoy that. You then receive a teabag which you are supposed to use when you eat the slices so I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out and it's something I can eat at my desk. 
   Pretzel Sticks with a Peanut Butter Dip- So I thought I would love this as I love peanut butter but when I tried this at work the peanut butter was a bit too strong for me as I like my peanut butter smooth and quite mild. I think with it been 'Rough Blend' it doesn't become as smooth as I like it, I really enjoyed the pretzel sticks but they were dry without the dip so I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys peanut butter but if you don't like it too strong you may want to stick away from this.
  Sesame Garlic Crunch- So this is one of those things I think I will really enjoy as I love eating crackers or Ritz on there own and this just reminds me of that, This is a mixture of biscuits and crackers and it is seasoned with garlic so I'm hoping these will be nice. I'm taking these to work with me next so hopefully I really enjoy these and they can be a nice snack to eat at my desk.
Would you try any of these?

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