Friday, 25 March 2016

Juicy Couture Perfume- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a review on one of the new perfumes I now have in my collection and I've been trying it out for a while and I feel it's the right time it finally review it here on my blog.

  I've been wanting to try a Juicy Couture perfume for a few years now but it's always been a scent I just couldn't warm to. I'd go in endless times to perfume shops smelling each Juicy Couture perfume but would never walk out with any in my shopping bag. I recently decided I wanted to build my collection of perfumes up until I was happy with every scent I had and this was one of the first I decided to pick up. I'll talk more about the perfume down below so feel free to skip to that if you'd like. I wanted to build a perfume collection I was proud of and knew I would use each scent. My perfume collection at the moment was only small and had all the perfumes I'd bought years ago (I don't drown myself in perfume so they last quite a while) so I felt as I'd grown up since I bought all those I kind of needed to update my perfume's with some more 'Grown up' scents so I was on the hunt to find some. Searching websites and blogs to find some perfumes to buy.

  I decided to pick a 30ml bottle of this from Depop as someone was selling it brand new for £10 and I decided to do it this way as I still wasn't 100% if I'd like the scent, But oh I was wrong I've literally been wearing this everyday and I just love it I don't know what kept putting me off when I went to buy it years ago but I just love it now and I'm so glad I bought it. I have to say the scent in the bottle does smell very strong which may be something which puts people off but when you actually have it on your skin for a while it smells like such a lovely girly smell which I love. It's a very fruity scent with hints of vanilla so it's not something I would normally go for as I prefer more musky scents but I just love this when it's been on your skin for a while it smells divine. I know this perfume will definitely get used a lot so I'll definitely be repurchasing when I have used the 30ml up. If you want to have a look at this scent it's HERE.
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