Friday, 11 March 2016

Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice- Review

Hello Everyone!
  Today I'm here with another review but on the new Sleek's highlighting palette which I feel will become one of my favourite highlighting palettes in my collection.

  Sleek has always been a brand I have reached for but mainly just the blushers as they are so pigmented and well worth the money, I saw many YouTubers talking about how good this palette was but was selling out quite quickly in store. I was browsing and saw this on the shelve in my local Tesco so I picked it up as it was the last one on the shelf and well I didn't know how quickly they stock up so I picked it up and for the £9.99 that I spent on this palette I'm so glad I actually did pick it up when I did.

  This palette is for highlighting as it clearly states on the packaging, The palette has two baked powders, one cream highlighter and one silky shimmer powder. I personally like each product as you can use them for all different parts of your face. The iridescent, metallic finishes of the powders and cream highlights add a radiant glow and luminous polish to the skin which I have been loving recently.

  The first square in the palette is the cream highlighter which on the packaging this is recommended to lift the brow and I have to say I have seen a difference to my brow bone when I apply this to my skin. This highlight is called 'Ecliptic' and to say this is a cream highlighter it is very smooth on the skin and buffs into the skin perfectly.
  The second shade is a more pearly pink shade which is a powder highlight, This has gold shimmer running throughout which I think is just a perfect highlight shade. This is called 'Hemisphere' and I have loved applying this on my cheek bones which is recommended on the packaging.
  The next shade is a pearl white shade which I was a little dubious to use as pure white shades scare me a little, This also has gold shimmer running throughout this and again it's a beautiful highlight shade. This shade is called 'Subsolar' and the packaging recommends using this on the bridge of your nose. I have yet to try this shade on my face but when I've been swatching it I have just loved it.
  The fourth shade is a more bronzed shade with the gold shimmer also running throughout again this shade is so beautiful, The bronzed shimmer I feel suits me better for some reason so I have been using this a lot more than the rest of the shades. This shade is called 'Equinox' and they recommend to use this for your cupid's bow but I have to say I prefer to use this on my cheek bones as I prefer the look it gives when the light hits my face so I would definitely recommend using this highlight.

  This palette has a mirror which is quite a good size and would be perfect if you were keeping this palette in your bag and that was the only mirror you had it would work fine, I have to say I'm a newbie at highlighters so this was a palette I wanted to pick up as for the £9.99 even if I wasn't keen on the palette I wouldn't be breaking the bank. I've fallen in love with this palette though and I adore using it and I look forward to adding this into my routine everyday. I'd recommend this to someone who is just starting with make-up as it's not too expensive but it's such a good product and I would definitely enjoy this been in my collection if I was just starting out. The packaging is stunning which is another thing and just overall Sleek did so well with this product I know a lot of people will definitely pick this up when it actually ends up been in stock- You have to be lucky to actually get your hands on this at the moment and I must say I felt pleased when I saw this on the shelf. I would definitely say pick this up if you were looking for a good drug store highlighter.
Have you tried this palette?


  1. I recently bought a highlighter on a whim and fell in love with it now I am looking to expand my collection! This looks amazing, something I will hopefully pick up very soon xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. That palette looks so pretty and it's such a good price! Definitely need to pick this up soon!

    Millie x | Millie’s Wardrobe

  3. It's such a beautiful-looking palette, I really want to get it for myself! xx

    Seek My Scribbles

  4. I definitely recommend you pick the Sleek one up it's so worth the money! If you pick it up let me know what you think of it.
    Meg xo

  5. I would definitely recommend you pick this up girls! So worth the money.
    Thanks for reading!
    Meg xo