Monday, 7 March 2016

Thank You Again!

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have another one of those little posts where I decide to just say thank you!

  I recently found out I reached 400 followers on my blog, To some people that may not be a lot but to me it's a massive achievement. Apart from my blog I don't have many hobbies or anything like that but I have actually stuck to sitting down and sorting my blog posts out for each week. I really do enjoy it and I'm enjoying it more as more people are starting to comment on my posts and stuff which just make it worth while as you know people are actually reading what you post. I cannot believe 400 people have found one of my blog posts or however you have found my blog and has liked my content you have actually followed my blog. I just want to say thank you! I try my best to be a blogger who has their own content and I just work so hard once I finish my full time job everyday to keep up with my blog posts and take my pictures.
  I'm one of those people who gets home from work whips my hair up and changes into something cosy and just sits on my laptop most of the night- Like I said I enjoy blogging and I really am grateful people are enjoying my content so I just want to say I will carry on working hard and making sure my readers enjoy my content. If your new here then just to let you know I post Monday 6pm, Friday 6pm and Sunday 10pm. I occasionally post some Wednesday's at 6pm too. I hope you keep enjoying my blog!
Thank you so much!