Friday, 18 March 2016

The Balm Frat Boy Blush- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have another review of a blush I've recently been reaching for a lot more than I used to.

  The balm was a brand I only branched out to at the middle of last year as I had seen a lot of reviews on this blush and just knew I wanted this in my collection. The balm is a brand most beauty Bloggers or Youtubers adore and I knew I just had to find out what everyone was loving about this brand and I'm so glad I actually have picked up a few thing from the brand and I know I will be expanding my collection from the Balm.

  First off the packaging I mean I just adore how the Balm package their products as I just feel it's so cute and I love anything that's like this style (The old fashioned kind of pictures) I just find it stunning and I just love seeing this in my blusher draw as my eyes are always drawn to the packaging and this may be a little sad but I do a little smile to myself when I see the packaging as it's just one of my favourite things. The blusher in all is 8.5g but it will last so long, It's a blusher which you only need a tiny bit of so I know I will get my use out of it before I actually start to hit pan on it which is always a good thing with one of your favourite blushers.

 So the shade of this blusher isn't one I would pick up if I was in a shop browsing but this for some reason caught my eye when I was looking online, I just really liked the peachy pink toned blush. It does have peach undertones in real life but the picture just isn't doing justice but the blusher also has shimmer running throughout this so I feel it would be perfect for the Summer/Spring months as it could add a little shimmer and pop of colour to your cheeks. The blush for me is very pigmented so I am quite light handed with this as I don't want to apply too much to my cheeks but I prefer for a blush to be pigmented rather than opaque. I know this blush will last me a while as I said above I only use a small amount so I know I'll get a lot of use out of this before I even start making a dint in the blusher which I love!
  I have to say the Balm is a brand which can be one of those brands you steer away from if your on a budget as yes the products are worth the money but if you have to spend your money wisely you'll probably choose to not spend £15-ish on a blusher as I know I used to just buy make-up which would leave me some spare to get a nice lipstick or something. But I have a little suggestion if your wanting to try out some of the Balm's products without spending the amount of the retail price possibly look on Depop or Ebay for someone selling some of the products, Sometimes people sell them brand new as they just don't like the shade or the product just doesn't work for them but it will save you some money and you may love the product so I'd definitely recommend you trying Depop and Ebay for some bargains as I actually got this blush from Depop as someone was selling it as they just didn't think the shade suited them, It suits me perfectly and I love it, For £7 I found a new favourite blusher.
Have you tried this?


  1. omg this looks gorgeous! I've never tried any products from The Balm but I really want to!! The packaging is gorgeous too, I love old photos as well :) gorgeous colour, I also want to pick up one of their highlighters!! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I definitely recommend The Balm it's such a good brand just a bit more expensive! If your wanting a highlighter I'd definitely pick the Mary-Lou Manizer up it's so good!
    Meg xo