Sunday, 6 March 2016

Weekly Summary #37

(Weekly Summary 29/02-07/03)

  Monday- I woke up this morning wanting to stay in bed but it wasn't a struggle to get out, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready. I wore my new coat for work and it was so cosy. Work went quick today and I was just getting on with my work really I had a gingerbread latte for the afternoon and I really enjoyed it. After work me and Luke headed to the tattoo place but they were tattooing so we'll go back. Once we got home we just relaxed downstairs and I had my tea before Luke went out, I got changed before I typed up some blog posts and watched some YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just relaxed watching TV, We watched a little bit of a film before we cuddled and went to sleep.

  Tuesday- I had a little lie in this morning (Only 10 minutes) but I felt much better for it, Again I watched YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready. Work went so quick- It was month end so we had to get everything off the bank and it's just a stressful time when it comes around each month but we did it. In the afternoon I was just getting on with my work that I could but the day just flew. After work when we got home I sorted something out for Luke before I did my lunch for work and had my tea. I had a nice shower before I just chilled out watching some YouTube videos and read for a while as I haven't read for a while. Once Luke was home and he ate his tea, He played on the PlayStation for a while until he got bored and I just carried on reading, When we started to get tired we just cuddled and watched TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up really late this morning so I had to jump up and quickly get ready so I wasn't really awake but never mind. Work went really good today and it went really quick again, I have caught up on most of my work now which is good. I had my appraisal today and it was really good thank god. After work I just chilled out with Luke for a while before I had my tea and Luke headed out. I decided to do some blog posts and watched some YouTube videos, Once Luke got home he had his tea and I made myself a hot drink and we just watched a film and relaxed for most of the evening, We cuddled before we fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up late again this morning so I had to quickly get ready I have to say my skin is horrendous at the moment so I just felt horrible today, Work went really fast again and I was in a good mood once it came to the afternoon, It was supposed to be my half 4 finish but the system was going down at 4 so we was allowed to go with everyone else woo! After work I chilled out with Luke again for an hour or so and we was giving Herman a bath and we fed him. Once Luke had gone out I had my tea and did our lunches for work. I got a shower and dried my hair before I did some blog posts ready for next week again and I watched a few YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he had something to eat and I made myself something to snack on and we just watched TV for a while, When we started getting tired we cuddled and went to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up late again oops but I was ready in time for work so that was good, The weather was horrendous on way to work as it had been snowing through the night and it was quite well. (It did disappear in around like 2 hours!) Work went really well and I was catching up on my work as I'm doing a different job for 2 weeks which is exciting/scary but we will see how it goes. It was my late at work so I didn't actually finish until half 3 it should have been 4 but it was nice to go a bit earlier. Once we got home me and Luke started moving the bedroom round, Sorting the wardrobe out as it was starting to fall apart which Luke actually fixed. We successfully moved the bedroom around without any arguing, We built our new bed and I cleaned the bedroom, I literally got into my pj's and took my makeup off at like 11pm so once I had done that me and Luke had something to eat and drink then we literally crashed and fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around 9am and just relaxed for a while as we didn't have our driving lessons until later on in the day so we just stayed in bed watching TV then we listened to music for a while. I got ready and had my lesson- It went really well and I only have 2 lessons left until my test so nerves were quite high but I was happy with how the lesson went. Luke's lesson also went really well thank god, I think he's picking it up really quickly. Once we were both back we sorted the rest of the bedroom out before we quickly got changed and we headed to Luke's mums which we just stayed there for a few hours then we walked back home. Once we were home we ordered a takeaway for both of us and we ate that in bed, We then just cuddled until we got tired and then we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 9 again so I just checked social media before I made myself some breakfast, I chilled in bed until Luke woke up. Once he was awake we watched TV for a while before we painted the bits of the bedroom which needed sorting out since we had moved the bedroom round. We then put some floating shelves on the walls as I wanted somewhere to put some books and Luke used the other shelves. I tidied the bedroom again as with drilling the wall it was a mess. I then did our lunches for work and sorted the uniforms out for work tomorrow. I then had something to eat and watched a few YouTube videos. I then ran myself a bath and just relaxed in there for a while, I watched some more YouTube videos whilst I dried my hair. I needed to catch up on some blog posts as I had kind of not had chance this weekend so I sorted that out before I watched some more YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he made himself something to eat before we just watched TV and cuddled until we fell asleep.
How was your week?

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