Sunday, 13 March 2016

Weekly Summary #38

(Weekly Summary 07/03-13/03)

  Monday- I woke up around half 6 and I have to say I was happy to get up but you know when you just feel in a bad mood well that was me this morning, Work went really well today and I'm like up to date with my own work and I'm excited to try out my new job this week. After work was done we walked to the car and when you have heels on it kills haha! My new bag had arrived when I got home and I am in love with it, I'm really thinking of doing a blog post. I had my tea and did my lunch before I quickly washed my hair. I decided to get up to date with blog posts before I watched some YouTube videos with a cup of tea. Once Luke was home we cuddled and watched TV until we were tired then we both fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up today feeling a little 'ready' for the day shall we say, I literally am just wanting to get this week over but I also knew I was starting my new job today. Work was really good I moved desks to my new one and started the work load it looked a lot and felt a lot of pressure but I decided to not be hard on myself and it would get easier each day so I just took the work as it came in. I had a few parcels when I got home and feel I may do a blog post on them but they are 'perfume oils' so yeah I think this may be my next blog post. So the last few parcels I know I'll be doing a blog post on them soon. I had my tea and got changed as I had a driving lesson tonight, It went so well and I feel so ready for Friday now I really hope I pass but if I drive like that for the test (Fingers crossed I will pass) Once I was home I got changed and took my make-up off. I decided to just read for the rest of the night to relax, When Luke got home we just laid in bed watching TV until we started to get tired then we cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I had such a bad sleep as I was awake from like half 1, So I was happy to get up at half 6 which is never like me. Work was really good again I got on with my work and really enjoyed it as I enjoy just getting on with my work and getting my to-do list done. I had missed a parcel when I had been at work so I'll pick that up tomorrow, Once I was home I took some blog pictures before been on the phone to a girl I work with whilst I painted my nails. I ate my tea before doing my lunch for work tomorrow, I decided to watch some YouTube videos as I just wasn't in the mood to do any blog posts tonight. Once Luke got home we just cuddled in bed watching TV as we just didn't really want to do much.

  Thursday- I didn't sleep much last night either which wasn't great but I was okay once I had woken up properly, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready. Work went really well again today- It was my last day at work for this week so it did drag a little in the afternoon but the workload wasn't too much today either which was good. It was the early finish today so when we got home I decided to quickly do Luke's lunch for tomorrow then I made my coat stand up as I wanted one for my bedroom and it looks a lot better than I expected. I then decided to just chill out for a little and sort my stuff out for tomorrow. I had my tea before I ran myself a bath as I just wanted to chill out and try keep my mind occupied as tomorrow is a big day for me. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just cuddled and watched TV for the rest of the night.

  Friday- I woke up around half 6 to make sure Luke was up for work, I got ready and had some breakfast before I had my driving lesson as it was my driving test today which went really well as I made no mistakes or anything but I failed... For 'Not driving fast enough' I have to say I stuck to speed limits and just drove how I normally do in my driving lessons and never get pulled up on it but hey ho that guy who was inspecting me clearly wasn't happy with it but otherwise I would of passed a bit gutting but I'll try again. After that we went out for something to eat just me, my mum, nan and my little brother. It was such a nice meal then we went shopping for a bit which I decided to perk myself up so I bought myself a few clothes bits and a few essentials I needed and it was just nice to spend time with my family as I don't do that much anymore. The evening I decided to just relax and chill out watching YouTube videos and stuff like that. Later on I decided to have a spray tan as I got a tanning machine for Christmas and still haven't tried it out. Once it was later I just watched TV with a cup of tea in bed until I was tired then I went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around half 8 and just laid cuddling Luke until I had to wake him up as he had his driving lesson this morning, Once  he was ready we just relaxed in bed until he went for his lesson. I ate my breakfast, Made the bed and just sorted myself out whilst Luke was on his lesson- When he got home we just chilled in bed watching some YouTube videos together and listening to music which was so nice. I decided I wanted a lazy weekend this weekend so it was nice to do that today. We sorted Herman out with some new food and water before we gave him a bath. Luke went out so I coloured my mum's hair before I washed my own, I decided to catch up on some YouTube videos before my mum tanned my legs for me. She bought me a spray tanning machine for Christmas so we decided to try it on my legs to try it out (They are so brown right now!) I then just watched some more YouTube videos before I read for a while, I decided to start Once Upon A Time on Netflix to see if I like it, I watched this until Luke got home.Once he was home we just chilled in bed watching some films until we decided to try and get to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 10am and just relaxed in bed with Luke until I got up and had some breakfast. I decided to wash the tan off my legs and get a quick shower which I must say my legs are such a nice brown! So wish I had done my full body now, Me and Luke just relaxed in bed watching TV until he decided to get ready as he was going to see his mum and stuff today. Once he had gone out I quickly tidied the room before helping my mum tidy the house. I then sorted my work clothes out and did my lunch for tomorrow. I decided to watch some YouTube videos before I watched Once Upon A Time again on Netflix for a while (I think I'm binge watching this show right now) Once I started getting hungry I made myself something to eat before I read for a while- I was mainly having a relaxing day. Once Luke was home he had something to eat before we just chilled in bed until it was time for us both to fall asleep.
How was your week?

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