Sunday, 27 March 2016

Weekly Summary #40

(Weekly Summary 21/03-27/03)

  Monday- I woke up around half 6 and I hadn't slept much as I was kind of watching Luke as he's a little poorly so I like to know he's okay, I did my make-up whilst watching YouTube videos. Work went really well and I did quite a bit of work as I was motivated so I enjoyed it. After work I came home and did my lunch for work tomorrow and opened my parcels before I got changed into my pj's. I then had my tea whilst I watched some YouTube videos. I painted my nails and kept watching my YouTube subscriptions, I then decided to play my DS again for a little while. Once Luke was home he had his tea before he ran himself a bath and I sat on the bathroom floor reading whilst he got a bath as he thought it might help his cold, Once he was out we watched TV. Luke was a lot more cuddly than usual as he's poorly so we cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up around half 6 today but I was actually quite awake which I sometimes prefer on a morning, I did my make-up watching YouTube videos again which I enjoy on a morning now. Work went really good again today and I got quite a bit of work done which is always good. After work I came home and did my lunch for tomorrow, I had my tea whilst watching YouTube videos and then helped my brother do his homework. I ran myself a bath and used the 'Dashing Santa' bath bomb from Lush. I relaxed in there for a while before I dried my hair and read for a while whilst I watched Once Upon A Time. When Luke got home he ate his tea and played on the DS for a while so I decided to keep reading as I'm really getting into the book, Once we were both settled for bed we just cuddled and listened to music until we were tired.

  Wednesday- I woke up a little late this morning so I had to quickly get ready but I still watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really well today and I was motivated so I got a lot of my work down but towards the end of the day I literally had no energy so I kind of fizzled out at the end. After work when I got home we went to my little brothers school for parents evening and we wasn't in there long, Once we were home I sorted my clothes for tomorrow as it's non uniform and then I ate my tea. I decided to get a few blog posts sorted before I watched YouTube videos. I read again for a while as I'm really into it now, Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just cuddled in bed watching TV until we were tired.

  Thursday- I woke up at my normal time of half 6 but I didn't really mind as I knew it was my last day at work, I watched some YouTube videos and listened to some music whilst I got ready. It was non uniform at work so I felt more comfortable today when I got ready. Work went really well today, It was payday so we got a breakfast sandwich in the morning. I got quite a bit of work done today but not too much as I just wasn't motivated today. Once I got out of work we went to the pet shop and well we bought a friend for Herman but I think they are so cute and they are one of my favourite animals so I'm glad we got another. Once I was home I sorted the tortoises out before I got got changed and had something to eat. Luke brought his little brother to see the tortoises and once they had gone I ran myself a nice bath and chilled out. I decided to watch some YouTube videos and browse online since we had been paid. Once Luke was home he had something to eat then we just cuddled in bed which I was so happy to just relax.

  Friday- Me and Luke woke up around half 8 which was really early for us, We just relaxed in bed for a while before we started getting ready and headed to Luke's mums as he was dropping the Easter eggs off for his brothers and sisters. We then walked into town and got chips on the walk in which was really nice as the weather was lovely too. I just picked up a few books and Luke got himself an Ipad on contract from 3 (His baby apparently) We then got the bus back as by the time I had looked in a few shops and stuff like that we just wanted to get home. We stayed at Luke's mums again for a little while before we headed home. Once we were home we had something to eat and Luke had a mess around on his Ipad before we both crashed in bed as we were both just so tired.

  Saturday- Me and Luke woke up around 9 am which was a little later than yesterday, We just relaxed in bed again watching YouTube videos and listening to music before we both got ready. We headed to Tesco to get some more Easter eggs and stuff but it was so busy I just got so stressed so we went in the other shops and I got what I needed plus more as me and Luke got some snacks to keep in the bedroom for us to eat but we literally have so much food including Easter eggs so we'll be okay for a while. Once we got back from there we had our Subway sandwiches and then we put everything away and Luke got changed into his new clothes as he had bought himself some new trainers, a jacket and a new top so he was happy. I bought myself some new jogging bottoms to wear around the house and they are so comfy. Luke headed out and I decided to run myself a nice bath and I dried my hair whilst listening to music when I was out. I decided to change my bag before I headed downstairs to watch some YouTube videos on my laptop. I then ordered a takeaway and ate that whilst I did some blog posts. I then read for a while until Luke got home. Once he was home he ate his side of the takeaway and we then watched some YouTube videos on his Ipad before we cuddled and went to sleep.

  Sunday- I actually decided to watch the 5th wave and me and Luke were awake until 2am as the clocks obviously went forward so we had to quickly try and get to sleep. We woke up quite late and just relaxed in bed watching YouTube videos. We started getting ready and headed to Luke's mums for a little bit where we just played on Luke's iPad, Once we got home we just made ourselves something to eat and just watched TV until we were tired and went to sleep.

                                                                 How was your week?

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