Monday, 4 April 2016

Bullet Journal!

Hello Everyone!
  So today is Monday and we all know what's happens on here on a Monday, It's chat time or ramble time depends how you really look at this post but I'm hoping it's a chatty one.

  So I recently stumbled across 'Bullet Journals' on YouTube and I had a little look into these and I was addicted to seeing how everyone had decorated theirs and how it looks- I'll explain it a little for you so you understand what it is incase you've never heard what they are before. A bullet journal is basically just a blank notepad which you creatively fill out to make it your own journal/diary I just really liked the idea of it so I decided to pick everything up to make my journal and I'm currently trying to get into the mindset of using this as an outlet for my tasks etc to try and get more organised and motivated. I decided on a lined notepad as I felt I could be a bit more neater with it rather than getting a blank one. I have to say it was a lot harder than I thought making the first part of it all and deciding what you want in it and what you don't as it is literally your call so you can make this diary to your own taste and creatively design it with colours etc so I really like this idea. There is YouTube videos and blog posts about it if you want more information about it but I think I may start doing blog posts on it when I've actually got into a routine of using it and I kind of like how it is set out but hopefully that will be soon and I can start making blog posts as I'm so excited to start using it properly.
Have you started a Bullet journal?

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  1. Ugh I wish I had the time, they're so cute and organised, but I'm such a mess haha