Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Graze Box #4

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm here to share with you guys my new Graze box which came in the post this weekend so I thought I would share what I've received in the box again.

  So I decided to stick to receiving these boxes in the post as I just feel they are something which I get in the post which is a surprise so I kind of don't know what to expect and I kind of like that plus it's food so you know it's a win win situation with the Graze box for me but let's get into what was actually in the box.

  The first thing I got in my box was a Smoky Chipotle dip with bread sticks, I got really excited when I saw this as I really enjoy bread sticks with a dip. I'm looking forward to trying these so I can't wait but I really hope the dip isn't spicy or anything like that but I'm definitely going to give these a try.

  The next thing which was in my box was Poppy seed and onion sesame sticks which I'm not too sure how I feel about these yet as I don't feel I will enjoy these but I'll give them a go and see if I like them. I'm not 100% what these will actually taste like or anything like that but we will see how I feel about them.

  This is another one of those granola topper but I feel I will really enjoy this one, It's the flavour maple & pecan and I used to have some cereals in the same flavour and I literally used to love them and I bought them all the time so I feel I will really enjoy this, I'm going to try it with yoghurt but if I don't like it too much I may try it with milk but I just don't know how it will actually taste without a yoghurt but I can't wait to try this.

  The last thing I got in the box was the apple & cinnamon flapjack which when I saw this I literally opened it straight away and oh my god! These were so delicious I was a little sceptical as I don't really enjoy cinnamon things but I thought I would give them a try. First of all you get 3 small little flapjack pieces and they are snack sized really, The flavour in these were just so nice and tasteful. Your taste buds first pick up the apple flavouring and then you get the hint of the cinnamon and they were just so nice and I will definitely ask for these again I literally loved them so much.
Have you signed up for Graze yet?


  1. Ooooh sounds so nice! I've been wanting to try Graze for the longest ever time, but I'm quite picky with food so I'm not sure if I'd enjoy everything! It would be nice to broaden my horizon and try it out tho!xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I'm really picky too with certain foods and I felt like Graze might of helped but I didn't end up eating much out of the boxes but I've changed my subscription now to a 'Chocolate Box' I think it's called and I think that will suit me better, I'm doing a blog post on that box this week! Meg xo