Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Graze Box #5

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing my recent Graze Box which I received in the post this weekend.

  I decided to change my 'Subscription' from the variety box to the chocolate box which I think it's called (I'm not 100% but it will be on the Graze website) but I decided to switch it as I didn't feel I was eating the snacks which came in the variety box as I'm not really a savoury person so I knew the chocolate box would suite me better as it's more sweet things which I feel I will get the use out of more or my stomach will get more use of- I just love sweet things so I can't complain with what I receive in these boxes.
  The first thing I received in this box this time was the Jaffa Cake snack which has Belgian dark chocolate, Orange raisins and roasted hazelnuts. Apparently if you eat a handful it is supposed to taste like Jaffa cakes which are one of my favourite snacks but having a pack of Jaffa cakes I actually eat the full pack but I'm so excited to try these and I feel I really will enjoy this. I'm intrigued to try the orange raisins as I really want to see what they actually taste like so I'm so excited for this snack.
   The second thing I received in this box was the Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie snack which has Salted peanuts, Redskin peanuts, Vanilla fudge & Mini chocolate cookies. When I saw this I literally opened it straight away and tasted it as I was so excited for it, I'm so into salted things at the moment like salted caramel and stuff like that so I was so excited to try it. I really enjoyed this and my favourite parts was probably the chocolate cookies and the vanilla fudge pieces. I did enjoy the peanuts but they aren't my favourite thing to eat but I was also intrigued by the redskin peanuts but they were quite nice. I loved how the salted peanuts made everything else in this pack taste salty and I just really enjoyed this.
  The next thing I received in the box was the Honeycomb Flapjack and if you know me as a person (Most of you don't!) but I love flapjack so when I saw this I literally wanted to break this open and try it but I stopped myself to save it for a while. The flapjack has honeycomb inside and drizzled chocolate on top, I know this will taste so nice so I'm definitely excited when I try this and I think I may take this to work and eat it on an afternoon with a cup of tea as I will definitely enjoy it when the atmosphere is nice and quiet so I can just enjoy it, I feel flapjack is a comfort food for me so I literally cannot wait to eat it.
   The last thing I received in the box was Coco Paradise this has Belgian chocolate, Coconut and cranberries. I cannot wait to try this as I love coconut and I literally need to eat this so soon. I feel this will be one of my favourite things from Graze as like I said I love coconut, Cranberries and chocolate so I really am looking forward to trying this. I'm not too sure what this will taste like but I'm sure it should be nice.
Have you tried Graze yet?

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