Friday, 1 April 2016

March Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have my March Favourites and like everyone says I literally have no idea where this year is going, March was a month which I had a little downfall (Driving Test) but apart from that this month has been really enjoyable and I'm just really enjoying this year so far but here's the things I've been loving this month.

  This month I've been pretty boring with my make-up as I've just been going for ease rather than how it actually looks but I thought I would share with you the beauty things I've been enjoying and then towards the end of this post I'll share my music, TV and other favourites from this month.

  I bought the Tarte bronzer from Depop which I have a blog post on HERE and I keep falling back in love with it and this month I just re-found my love for it. I just love the bronzer and packaging I know when I apply this it will work exactly how I want it to and this month I've been doing my make-up with as much ease as I can so I know if I use this bronzer I will get the right look I'm going for. I just really love the shade of this bronzer as it's perfect for contouring and the shade is perfect for my skin tone I just love it.

  This is a Sleek blush I got for Christmas from Luke and it's the Honour blush which is a 2012 limited edition blush, I asked for this as the colour just looked perfect for me and I finally started using it this month and I just really love it. The shade is perfect as it's such a dark pink shade with gold shimmer it looks stunning when applied and it just adds a nice colour to my cheeks. I try not to apply too much as I feel it can look 'Too Much' if you just throw it on so I take my time when I apply this blush to my cheeks and I really do love wearing this. If you are wanting to purchase this I would definitely recommend checking out Ebay.

  This is The Balms Fratboy blush which is another product I picked up from the Depop haul which is linked above, I did also review this on my blog HERE and I just decided to also pop it in my favourites post as it's definitely been a favourite this month. I really love The Balm products as I feel they are definitely worth the money and they are so long lasting you know they will last all day when applied. The pink shade isn't something I would normally pick up as it's a bit too bright for me but I really like this as it adds a lovely pop of colour on my cheeks which sometimes I prefer a more natural look so I always reach for this when I have days like that but I really do love this product- If you want to know more about this check out my review.

   I've had this product in my collection for a while but never saw the hype in the Fix+ until recently. I don't really apply this to keep my make-up on all day but I apply it to my eye shadow brushes to make the glitter shades a lot more pigmented which is something I've been liking recently. I have the small 30ml but as I haven't been using it much until recently it normally lasts me a while but I can see myself having to buy a new bottle soon which I may get the bigger bottle next time. I don't really see if this works at keeping my make-up on all day but I feel like I need to try it out as I'm looking for a good setting spray and this one may actually do the job I've just never gave it chance to see if it actually works.

   I won these products at the beginning of March from Technic and was so happy when I won as I never win anything so I was very happy. You get 3 'stixs' in the pack which I thought was quite good. One is for contouring, One is for concealing and the other is to highlight. I just really enjoy using these products as I apply the concealer and the contour shades before I apply my foundation and then I put it all together and it works really well and I love how well these work and how pigmented they are. I apply the highlighter shade before I apply a powder highlight as I feel it works really well and stays on all day. I have to say they are very soft when applying to your skin and they blend so easily so I'm really glad I got to try these.

  This month my lips have been so dry and I've tried everything on my lips but nothing seemed to help them until I picked up the Nuxe Reve De Miel balm which is one of the most dense lip balms I have ever tried as it's so thick but I think that is what has actually helped my lips and the scent of this is something I really like I have to say it's a scent not everyone will enjoy as it's quite sweet but I love it. I'd definitely recommend this lip balm if your suffering with dry lips. The next two products are from the brand Essence and I've just been loving this combo for work as I feel it compliments my make-up really well and I'm not too brave to apply a bright red for work as I am on a weekend but the lip liner is in the shade 05 Soft Berry and I just really like this lip liner as they are very moisturising and the shade is stunning it's such a lovely berry shade as the lip liner suggests but I feel it compliments my skin quite well. The lipstick is in the shade 05 Cool Nude again I love this lipstick because of how moisturising it is but the packaging is also something I like as I love the matte packaging and it is also the shade of the lipstick which I love. This shade is quite similar to the lip liner but a lot lighter so when I've applied the lip liner all over my lips and apply this lipstick over the top they are just the perfect lip combo and I really do love these three products for my lips right now.

  A more lighter note but this month I've been loving to play my 3DSXL as I've recently been suffering quite bad with my anxiety which I have no idea why but this was always one of those things that always helped me when I was younger so I thought I'd get this back out. I got this a few years ago at Christmas from my mum and dad but it's still in perfect condition so I just keep it in my bag for when I start to panic a little but I think because my mind isn't thinking about other things I kind of block out my anxiety which is always good.
  I've been loving Animal Crossing New Leaf, Lego Harry Potter and Professor Layton and the curious village- They are just games which are quite easy to pick back up on so I don't actually have to physically play the game every day but I can play whenever I need to and just pick up where I left off which is what I'm loving at the moment as I don't have time to play everyday but some days/evening I like to just have a little play for an hour or so then get back to what I need to do so I really have been loving this.

  III. by Jojo- I really love this album from Jojo I know it's only small but I used to love her when I was younger so to have a few new songs to listen to I really enjoy listening to it. The songs are ones where I just sing along and get into the moment, I know this didn't come out recently but I've recently started listening to it again on Spotify.
  I Like it when you sleep, For you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975- I have always been a fan of the 1975 as a band and I just love their style of music. I have to say this album is a lot different to their older album but I kind of like it and I definitely enjoy the songs on it. A few of my favourites are The Sound, This must be a dream and She lays down. I really do enjoy listening to this album and it's one of those I enjoy in the bath as I can have a little sing along but I can relax whilst listening to it.

  Once Upon A Time- I have recently started getting into this TV show as it's on Netflix and most of the girls I work with actually watch this and love it so I wanted to try it and well I'm addicted to it I just really love watching it and the characters and story just keep me wanting more. It's not the kind of TV show I would normally watch but I have really got into it now and I make sure I watch an episode every night if I don't have time to watch like 5 episodes in one sitting.
  The Selection by Kiera Cass- This is a book I'm currently reading but I definitely had to add it into my favourites as I'm just loving the world and characters I'm getting swept up in when I read the book. I don't want to say much here as I'm wanting to do a review once I've finished it so look out for that.
What was your favourites in March?


  1. You've made me really wanna play my Nintendo ds I proper want animal crossing! I bet it's so therapeutic and would help me when I'm feeling anxious! I used to love once upon a time too but haven't watched it in so long so I'll have to watch again! The sleek and balm blushes look incredible I'm jealous!! I got the urban decay all nighter setting spray recently, I opted for that one instead of the Mac one! And those technic sticks sound and look fab I need them!! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I would really recommend playing your DS if you do get anxious it's helped me so much and well Animal Crossing is definitely my favourite game I have! If you do start watching it definitely let me know I need someone to chat to about it haha! I've always wanted to buy the Urban Decay all nighter spray I may need to purchase it! Thanks for reading.
    Meg xo