Friday, 15 April 2016

Technic Contour Stix- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm bringing a review on a product I recently won from the brand Technic so here we go.
   I just want to say this is my 200th post on my blog woo! But let's get into the blog post I recently won this on a giveaway on Twitter, Can I just say I never win a single thing I try to win but I got this woo! I was so excited when I received these in the post and I decided to give these a trail period before I actually did a review on these and I think I finally have my opinion on these products. I did have these in my March Favourites post but I didn't give too much away as I knew I would be doing a review on these. These 3 'Stixs' are cream products which is what I prefer for concealer and contour shades so I knew I would enjoy these but I will get more into this in the below as I am going to explain each shade and give you my thoughts on all 3 of them. The packaging for these isn't very fancy but I just like how simple it actually is as the black and silver looks perfect together and I love how you can see the products in the box.
  First I will talk about the concealer as I use this first on my face when I'm doing my make-up on a morning so I thought it just fitted to be the first one I talk about, I just want to say these were the hardest products to actually take pictures of as the sunlight would just bounce off the silver writing on the stixs, It was very annoying but they turned out okay- I also just want to point out they are not blurred (So Annoying!)
   These are just so soft when you apply to the skin I really do enjoy applying these to my skin and it blends so perfectly. The shade of this is very light so it is great to brighten the under eyes but I have to say I don't really feel this 'covers' the areas of my face I apply concealer to and I obviously apply concealer to cover my acne and under eyes so I can apply this but I then have to apply a thicker and more coverage concealer to make sure they are covered before I apply my foundation.
  The next one I'm going to be talking about is the contour shade which I have to say I really do enjoy using this for my make-up, I apply contour before I apply my foundation as I like my contour to look more natural which I feel it works better for me that way. Again this is very soft and blend able on the skin which I really enjoy and I really do like this shade as it's perfect for contouring your skin. I prefer this to the concealer as I can actually see on my skin when my make-up is done that I have applied this. I apply cream contour and then powder over the top as I feel it makes it last longer on my skin which I am happy with as I obviously want my make-up to last all day whilst I'm at work or out for the day with Luke.
  The last product I'm going to be talking about on this post is the highlighting shade which when I first saw this I kind of panicked as I thought this would be hard to apply as it's a pink shade so I didn't think this would work as a highlight shade but I was so wrong. I apply this when I've finished the rest of my make-up as I don't like to apply too much highlighter to my face. I have to say I do apply this and then put a powder highlight over the top just so I know it will stay in place all day but this really does give a nice highlight on this skin so I would probably just apply this on it's own when I'm wearing more of a natural look. Again as I've said throughout this post these stixs are so soft and so easily blend I just feel they make it so easy to apply them which is so good as at the moment I'm really just going through a stage of not really enjoying applying my make-up and I think it's just cause I'm having to get up so early on a morning to apply my face of make-up before work.
  I would definitely recommend trying these products if your just starting to get into make-up as the concealer is definitely more of a lighter coverage than some others I have tried but it would be perfect if your just starting out using it and your not experienced enough. The contour and highlight shade are perfect and I really do enjoy using these two shades. They are so soft when applying them to the skin and blend so easily on the skin which is another pro of these stixs. As I said the packaging is very simple but I feel they look quite good for the price they are as they are very inexpensive. I would say if you are used to using more high end products these probably wouldn't be very good as they are quite a light coverage and most high end products are more of a full coverage. I will say though if you like the more natural approach for make-up these actually may work well for you so you could definitely give them go and if you don't enjoy them then you haven't lost out on too much as like I said they aren't too expensive.
Have you tried these?


  1. Ooh these look great! I really like contouring so I'll have to check these out :)


  2. They are definitely worth the money and are so inexpensive! Thanks for reading
    Meg xo