Sunday, 10 April 2016

Weekly Summary #42

(Weekly Summary 04/04-10/04)

  Monday- I woke up at half 6 ready for work and got ready whilst I watched a few YouTube videos. Work went really well and I'm happy I've decided what job I actually want to do, The day literally flew by and I really hope that's how the rest of the week goes. When I got home from work we headed to Burger King before I actually got home, I got changed and cleansed my face before I had my actual tea which was chilli and rice. I decided to just relax tonight so I mainly watched YouTube videos and I did schedule some blog posts so it was a productive evening. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we just cuddled in bed watching TV until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up before half 6 today and was just ready to start the day which isn't like me, As always I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really good again today I'm just really getting all my work up to scratch and stuff. After work I had the doctors so I went there and got my pill and some cream for my acne but I didn't get home until 6 which is annoying. Once I was home I put my tea on as I was having Lasagne, Salad and garlic bread it was so nice! I did my lunch for work before I ran myself a bath and decided to do a hair mask as my hair has just been feeling dull lately. Once I was done I decided to have a night off my laptop so I just read for a while with a cup of tea. When Luke got home he ate his tea and we just joked around all night as we were both in those annoying moods but we just watched TV until we were tired.

  Wednesday- I woke up again before half 6 but for most of the morning whilst I was getting ready I was sorting out one of my direct debits as it bounced (No idea why as I have money in my bank!) But I watched a few YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready. Work went really well again today and I got so much work done as I was kind of motivated so that was good. After work we dropped Luke off and my mum was taking Elle our dog to the vets to get microchipped so I just watched YouTube videos whilst she got back. Once she was back we went to the bank and Tesco as I needed a few things. Once we were back I had my tea which was burger and chips and watched some YouTube videos. When Luke got back he ate his tea and we just cuddled in bed until we got tired then we fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up before half 6 again and I've been enjoying getting up a little earlier as I feel I have longer to just wake up properly but one side of my face was so swollen but once I had my make-up on it wasn't too bad to look at as you couldn't see it too much which was good. Work went okay again and it did drag a little but I got quite a bit done again which is always good as I feel quite motivated for the next day. After work we dropped Luke off and I had my tea once I was home before I did my lunch for work. I then just washed my hair before I got into some comfy clothes, I decided to just watch some YouTube videos and do some blog posts before I read for a tiny bit. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we decided to watch some YouTube videos on his Ipad, Once we started getting tired we cuddled in bed and went to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half 6 and I honestly thought it was Saturday which was a disappointment, I got ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos and listened to some music. I tried to curl my hair which it did turn out okay but I just wasn't too happy with it so I tied it up and curled parts of my hair which I really liked. Work went really well again and I moved my desk again as we have a new starter on Monday. Once I got home me and Luke just relaxed for a while before he headed out, I ate my tea and changed my bag before I got a quick shower. I dried my hair and decided to watch some YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just cuddled in bed watching TV until we got tired.

  Saturday- Me and Luke woke up around half 8 which is so early for us so we just cuddled and relaxed for a little while, Luke ended up falling back asleep so I decided to have some breakfast and caught up on social media. I started getting ready around 11am as we had our driving lessons today and I made sure Luke was up. My lesson went really well which I was happy with just waiting for my test again and Luke said his went okay but not great but we had a laugh about it and he came round like I told him everyone has their off lessons then next week he'll pick it straight back up. We both got ready after we had relaxed a while and headed to his mums but we took a longer route as the weather was lovely so we was just enjoying that. We got back around 9pm which we ate our tea whilst watching YouTube videos and then got ready for bed and decided to watch a film until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 9 I just can't sleep in anymore and Luke slept until around 10, I made myself some breakfast and we mainly just relaxed watching YouTube videos and listening to music. Once Luke was up and ready we sorted the tortoises out before he headed out for the day. I decided to catch up on my ironing before I cleaned the bedroom. I then made my lunch for work tomorrow before I ran myself a lovely bath and used Lush peeping Santa bubble bar it was so nice. After that I dried my hair before I caught up on some blog posts and watched YouTube videos. I decided I needed to just have a little time where I was off the laptop and my phone and I decided to just read until Luke was home as I feel I was starting to get a little stressed so I knew I needed to come off everything and just relax. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just cuddled in bed watching TV until we were both tired.
 How was your week?

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