Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weekly Summary #43

(Weekly Summary 11/04-17/04)

  Monday- I was up and started getting ready at half 6 as I needed to make sure my make-up would stay on all day for work as I was going straight out so I needed it to look good. Work went really well again but I just didn't have the motivation so the day just dragged as I was wanting it to be home time. After work me and Christina headed to mine to get changed we then headed into town and ended up getting Mcdonalds for our teas and headed to the arena but we stopped near the 'Tour Bus' which we still don't know if it was actually the tour bus but we headed inside and got our seats. The show was AMAZING and we were so close it was incredible, Once we were home Luke was already asleep so I just got undressed, took my make-up off and headed to sleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up this morning really wanting to stay in bed but I got up and watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really fast today and I got quite a lot done which I was happy with, Once we got home me and Luke had a massive chat as we both needed to clear the air I think. Luke headed out for a while so I decided to get a nice shower and eat my tea. I decided to listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's album whilst I was drying my hair and changing my bag (I would so go back! Manchester soon though woo!) I decided to watch some YouTube videos and just relax tonight. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we just laid in bed watching TV and talking- Once we started getting tired we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Wednesday- I was so ready to get up this morning and I have no idea why as I could of definitely of stayed in bed but I was getting ready whilst I was watching YouTube videos, I really liked how my make-up turned out and I liked how I did my hair too. Work went okay today and I just got on with my work and then did some other jobs to pass the afternoon on. After work we dropped Luke off and we headed home, I didn't feel great so I decided to get changed and I helped my little brother do his homework before I caught up with YouTube videos and just read as I literally had no energy to do any blog posts or anything like that which was a shame. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just laid in bed watching 'The Good Dinosaur' and talking for the rest of the night which I enjoyed.

  Thursday- I woke up this morning and had to drag myself out of bed as me and Luke didn't go to sleep until quite late and I really could of stayed in bed. I got ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos, I really liked my make-up today as well. I had no motivation at all today so it dragged and I didn't get too much done today at work which is so annoying but nevermind. After work we dropped Luke off and I decided to do my lunch for work before I ate my tea. I decided to read the rest of my book which I finally finished, I washed my hair and dried it before I decided to do a blog post on my book review. I then watched YouTube videos with a cup of tea until Luke came home. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we decided to just relax in bed and watch TV for the rest of the night until we were both really tired.

  Friday- I woke up early again this morning which I've really been enjoying as I get to actually wake up and do my make-up rather than rushing around, I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really well today I got up to date and everything as I'm not actually at work Monday so I had to make sure everything was sorted. After work me and Luke headed to Tesco with my mum as we needed the bank and I wanted Tesco for a few things. I picked up mainly fruit and porridge then we headed home. We found out we need to take the tortoises to the vets so I will go more into detail with that when we found out what it is. Luke headed out so I ate my tea watching some YouTube videos before I went and ran myself a bath. Once I was out of there I dried my hair and watched YouTube videos for most of the night. I decided to read for a while until Luke got home and once he was home he ate his tea before we just watched a film cuddling in bed.

  Saturday- I woke up early today as I had my driving lesson quite early so I got up and watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready. My lesson went really well again this week and I'm enjoying them a lot more now too which is good, Luke's lesson went really well this week too so we were both really happy. I decided to order myself a new laptop as I've been wanting one for so long now so I ordered one and Luke ordered himself a new watch which is so nice. We went and got our hairs cut with my mum before heading to Luke's mums we stayed there until around half 9 then came back and got our tea ready which we just had pizza and chips with strawberries and cream for dessert. We then just got ready for bed and cuddled until we went to sleep- We both had headache so we just laid in the dark cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at half 8 as my stomach pains were horrendous and I just cuddled with Luke until we got up and watched some stuff on his Ipad before I got on with cleaning the room, sorting my wardrobe out and cleaning my make-up brushes. Me and Luke just relaxed for a while before I decided to get a quick shower. I was seeing one of my friends today at mine so Luke headed out and we just relaxed catching up as we haven't seen each other for a while. Once Kerri had gone I decided to just watch some YouTube videos until Luke got home. When Luke got in he ate his dinner before we just cuddled in bed watching TV and we did actually get an early night tonight as Luke has to get up early as he is going on the bike to work tomorrow.
How was your week?


  1. Watching youtube videos is definitely how I get ready as well! Especially vlogs, these are probably the best parts of my morning as I know the rest of the day will just be go go go!
    Kathy x

  2. I completely agree with the vlogs I find they relax me whilst I'm getting ready! and yeah my day is definitely go go go once I leave the house. Thanks for reading!
    Meg xo