Friday, 13 May 2016

A new favourite Palette

Hello Everyone!
So today I'm going to be sharing my favourite palette of the moment and I feel most people will definitely know of this brand and the products.
  I bought this eye shadow palette quite a while back now when I was purchasing a few things from Makeup Revolution, This is the palette called 'What Are You Waiting For?' Now I really do love these palettes as the pigmentation is fantastic to say the price of these palettes are so inexpensive. I like how the packaging is sleek black with gold writing which I think is very elegant. I love how the palette's come with a mirror as it so easy to pop this palette in your bag to do touch ups as the mirror is lovely and big. In the palette's you get 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades but I will talk about the shades further down in the post. The eye shadows are very long lasting and don't seem to lose colour or pigmentation throughout the day which I think is really good to say how cheap  inexpensive this palette really is, I'm pretty sure they retail under £10 but I got this in a sale a while back so I'm not 100% how much I actually paid for this back then.
  So let's get onto the shades in the palette, First of all I just want to apologise for the eye shadow been all over the palette in this picture but I guess it shows I do actually use this palette quite a lot. I have used this on a daily basis for around 4 weeks, I have loved using it every day too! So the shimmer shades are the perfect base for the looks I go for on a daily basis as I work my full eye look around a certain shimmer shade. As I said above these are so pigmented and last all day so I really do love the shimmer shades as I feel they make my eyes pop I have to say I prefer golds and silvers for my eyes. This palette also has 6 matte shades and they are also so pigmented, I use these as my crease shades and I have to say I only use the three last shades on the right as I love how they all look together once they are all blended together it's a perfect combination. So to wrap this post up I really do recommend these palettes as they are so worth the money and they are so pigmented and last all day so I really would recommend these palettes as you are more on a budget as they are such good quality, If you do pick these palettes up from Make-up Revolution please let me know your thoughts.
Have you tried any of the Make-up Revolution palettes?

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