Monday, 9 May 2016

Another Week Passes!

Hello Everyone!
  So today it's Monday and well we know how this goes by now, I decided to just do a little catch up.
  So this week was a strange one for me, If you read my post last Monday you will know I'm having a rough few weeks with my confidence and insecurities and well this week I had a more positive mind and spend the evenings last week just doing stuff I actually want to do like reading, watching YouTube videos or just pottering around listening to music and I've just really had a lovely week. Towards the weekend my confidence just dropped again which I'm not sure why but I just wasn't happy with any of the clothes on me and stuff like that which I'm not sure if it was because its coming up to the time or the month or the fact I am currently suffering with a water infection which is never good as it makes me feel so down and upset. This week I decided to treat myself so I bought myself a new bag and on Friday I decided to pick up a few things I've wanted for a while like a few nail polishes and some books I've wanted for a while. I'm really hoping I'm starting to feel more myself and stuff like that but I just don't know how to pick myself up which isn't great.
Have a lovely week!

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