Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Graze Box #7

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing another one of my Graze boxes to you so I hope you enjoy!
  So another week where my Graze box has arrived and I've decided to share it with you but I feel these posts may help people who are wanting to sign up for Graze but just aren't sure what you receive in the boxes when they arrive- I'm still on the Chocolate box as I'm really enjoying it but the packaging of the box this time is so adorable, It definitely made me feel in such of a Summer mood and I really did like the packaging of this box and the one from last week.
    The first thing I received in the box was the Marvellous Macaroon and I'm so looking forward to trying this out. It looks very sweet which is what I'm wanting since I'm having cravings for sweet things and in this snack you get white chocolate, amaretto almonds and coconut flakes. I'm so looking forward to giving this a go and seeing if I like it so fingers crossed!
  The next snack I received in the box this time was cookies and cream and when I saw this I so wanted to open it straight away and see if I liked it or not but I decided to save it as I feel I'd enjoy this sat at my desk. In this snack you receive white chocolate, Sunflower seeds, Cocoa cookies and cocoa fudge pieces but I just know this is something I really will enjoy, I'm so excited to try this!
   The next snack I got in the box was chocolate pretzels and I have only recently started liking pretzels so I'm not 100% if this will be a snack I will enjoy but I'll definitely give it a go. So in this snack you receive poppyseed pretzels with a chocolate hazelnut dip and I'm looking forward to the dip but I don't know how I feel about poppyseed pretzels but again I'm definitely going to give this a go! But I do enjoy snacks with dips normally so we'll see how I get on with this.
   The last thing I received in the box this time was Honeycomb crunch and I'm a sucker for honeycomb I really do love it (A crunchie is one of my favourite chocolate bars!) so when I saw this I knew I would definitely like this, In the snack you get milk chocolate honeycomb, Almonds and raisins so I know this is a basic snack box but I know I'll definitely enjoy it as I really do like honeycomb and raisins so I just need to see if I actually enjoy almonds- Let's see how it goes!
What do you think of Graze?

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