Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Graze Box #8

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be showing you what I received in my Graze box which I got in the post recently so let's get into it.
   So I've been getting Graze boxes for a few weeks now which I get so excited when they arrive as I just love to see what's in the box and I love the surprise of what's actually going to be in the box when it arrives, As I've said before I'm using the Chocolate subscription as I feel that suites me better than a savoury box as I don't like savoury as much so a chocolate box is better suited for me but it also means I can eat some chocolate snacks without feeling as guilty because I know they are healthy.
  So the first snack I received was the 'Peach & Passion fruit cheesecake' now when I saw this I was literally so excited as I just thought this would be so good! It has peach drops, passion fruit drops, sponge drops, white chocolate buttons and coconut flakes. Now I love cheesecakes and I just thought this would be delicious with the peach and passion fruit drops, Now I'm not sure if I like coconut flakes on their own as they are just bland to me but hopefully it might be nice with it all together.
  The next snack in the box was 'Cranberry & Hazelnut toasts' which again I was so excited to try this when I saw it in the box as if you've seen most of my Graze box posts I received the blueberry toasts with white chocolate and I loved those so I'm so excited to try these ones, I feel I'll like the toast with it been cranberry and hazelnut as I feel they will taste so nice and then we have a rich cocoa dip which with it saying rich I'm not sure if I'll find it too sickly so hopefully it's not too rich but if it is I will just slightly dip the toasts in it so it has a bit of a flavour and not dry.
   The next snack in the box is 'Caramel & Peanut track & Field' Now when I first signed up for Graze and I was looking through the snacks I saw this and clocked 'Love' without even trying it and I just knew I'd love it and I've only just received it but I can now see if I actually do love it. This has salted caramel milk chocolate buttons, Peanuts, Fudge and raisins which all of those I love so I know I will just love this snack and I think this one will be the first one I try in this box as I just cannot wait.
   The next snack I received was 'Salted pecan & Chocolate tart' I saw this and was a little unsure of the pumpkin seeds as they were green but none the less I definitely want to try this snack. It has Salted caramel milk chocolate buttons, Pumpkin seeds, Dates and pecans so I'm excited to try it as I've never had dates or pumpkin seeds properly before so I'm excited to see what they are like and I know I will enjoy the chocolate buttons and pecans so I'm excited to have this one day this week at work.
Have you signed up for Graze yet?

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