Friday, 27 May 2016

May Favourites

Hello Everyone!
So it's that time of the month where every Blogger and YouTuber sit and say how fast the month has gone and show you the products they've enjoyed that month and well that's what I'm doing tonight.
  So May for me was a very strange month, I had a whirlwind of a month most things personal which I wont share on here but this month I decided blogging is something I really want to stick to do doing so I'm glad I've got back to my motivational self and well I'm feeling a lot more myself if you read my blog post a few weeks ago on a Monday evening where I said I was just feeling insecure and things like that well I'm slowly getting back to myself thank god so let's get into the products I've been loving in the month of May!
  The first thing I've been loving this month is the Simple Moisturiser and my skin has been really dry around my T-zone area so I knew I needed to apply more moisturiser into my skincare routine so I decided to start using this again as I know this one always does the job when I need it to and it has without a doubt given my skin more moisture. The next product I've been loving is the Nivea Post Shave Balm which everyone loves as a primer and last time I used this I couldn't really see a difference on my skin but this month I've definitely seen a difference with how my make-up has applied and it's definitely lasted all day- I forgot to apply this one day before my make-up and I definitely saw the difference with how my make-up applied and my make-up didn't last half as long.
  The next thing I've been loving this month is the BD Mattifying Base foundation, I've had this foundation for so long and I've always loved this foundation and now my skin is slowly beginning to clear up I've decided to go back to lighter foundations and this is always one I go back to as this shade is perfect for my skin and this foundation gives a flawless finish and is build able if I'm wanting that kind of look. This foundation is also an oil free foundation and with me having oily skin this is perfect and I know it will last all day for work or when I'm out most of the day.
  The next two products I've been loving this month is Nyx Blush in Taupe and I just this to contour with the Real Techniques contour brush and they just work like a dream which I love, This is the only Nyx blush I own but I feel like I will definitely be purchasing a lot more of them. The next blush I've been loving is Sleek blush in Flushed I've always loved Sleek blushes and I have a lot in my collection but this is definitely one of my favourite shades as I just love the colour it gives on my cheeks.
  The next thing I've been loving for this month is a product for my brows and it's the Nyx tame & frame product and I just literally love this for my brows. I bought this before I purchased the Anastasia pomade which I've always wanted to try but I didn't feel I'd be able to work with that kind of product but I love using this on my brows as it makes them look more neat and put together once my make-up is complete and it's the perfect shade for my brows.
  The next product I've been loving is The Balms Marie Lou Manizer which I use as a highlight for my cheeks and brow bone and I just love this highlighter like everyone else does, I also love the packaging of the product so I always know when I pick this up to use it I'll get the look I'm looking for when it comes to highlighter as I don't like to apply too much to my skin but I like to apply a little bit to my skin to see a difference with my make-up.
What was your favourites in the month of May?

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