Friday, 20 May 2016

NARS Steve Klein One Shocking Moment Palette- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be reviewing a palette I've had for quite some time now so I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you exactly what I think of it.
  I decided to pick this palette up at the end of last year as I honestly fell in love with the palette when I first saw it and I knew I would use this palette enough to pay the amount it retails for which I honestly didn't mind paying the price I did as I was so excited for this palette! This is my second Nars product in my make-up collection but I'm so happy with Nars products, So let's get into my review for you.
  So first this palette is just so stunning to actually look at which is one reason I wanted to buy this as I really wanted a Nars palette in my make-up collection. I love how the palette has a massive mirror as it makes it so convenient to use when applying my make-up and stuff like that on a morning. So this palette has a highlighter shade, Contour shade, Bronzer shade and four blush shades. I love the contour shade as it's the perfect colour for my skin to use as a contour shade, I apply the bronzer shade to add a bit of a colour to my so pale skin. I use about two of the blush shades (The coral shade and the dark pink shade) as I feel those work best with my skin as I like to add a bit of a flush to my skin but the other two shades would be perfect if you were doing a more natural make-up look so they will get used more in the summer. I have to say I don't really use the highlighter shade as I don't apply highlighter to my cheekbones as much as I would like to but I bet it would be a perfect shade. The pigment of all these shades are so good and I'm very light handed with these so I can build up if I want to but I know I wont apply too much to my skin. I'm a big fan of Nars products anyway but I am so happy with this palette I really cannot wait to add more to my collection. I would say that these are very long lasting as I always know when I've used this palette as they last all day on my skin- On a working day I apply my make-up at half six on a morning and don't take it off until around half seven on an evening so I have a solid thirteen hour day of a full face of make-up and when I go to take my make-up off on an evening I can still see the blusher, contour and bronzer on my skin so I love how long these shades last. This palette is so worth the money and if you are thinking of buying it I so recommend you do pick this up as you will definitely get your use out of it.
Is this palette in your collection?n

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