Sunday, 1 May 2016

Weekly Summary #45

(Weekly Summary 25/04-01/05)

  Monday- I woke up at half 6 ready for work and got ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was okay today I was just catching up from Friday as I was off so I had some work to catch up and the day flew by which was good. Once we had finished work we headed home and I did our lunches for work before I rung Three to make a payment which has been the only thing I have tried to fix today but their customer service isn't great. I decided to have my tea then watch some YouTube videos for the evening whilst Luke played his PlayStation for most of the night. We then decided to look at houses as we are making a plan to start saving for a deposit for a house (It will take a while, We know this!) Once we were both tired we made a hot drink for each of us and we watched a film for rest of the night.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half 6 but my body was like a sack it felt so heavy and achy I literally had no energy to apply my make-up which is one of my favourite things to do on a morning but I tried my best and got ready, On the way to work I decided I just didn't feel well enough to go to work so we dropped Luke off and headed home- Once I was home I had some breakfast and tablets before phoning work to say I wouldn't be in. I decided to have a lovely warm bath to see if that would ease my muscles so I could at least feel better, I dried my hair before I decided to get into some Pj's and just watch some YouTube videos for most of the day, I did get a bit of blog stuff done but not too much. My mum picked Luke up from work before she headed back home to me, For the rest of the evening I decided to actually just have a chilled evening as I normally rush around getting everything sorted but I decided to just lay on the sofa with my fleece blanket watching TV until Luke got home. Once he was home we headed upstairs and Luke decided to get a shower so I went through my wardrobe to give me something to do, We then cuddled in bed watching TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half 6 and started to get ready, I felt a lot better today so I knew I was okay to go to work. I didn't watch any make-up videos or anything like that today though whilst I was getting ready. Work went okay actually and I didn't feel too bad plus it's pay day tomorrow!  I was just catching up on my work from yesterday so it did go okay to say it was my day back. After work we dropped Luke off and me and my mum decided to have a walk around Aldi so I picked up some bits and bobs for me and Luke got home, Once I got back I did our lunches for work before eating my tea. I got changed and painted my nails before taking my laptop downstairs and made myself a cup of tea to watch some YouTube videos. Once Luke got home we just watched TV for most of the night like always until we start to get tired.

  Thursday- I woke up around 6 and I just didn't sleep much last night with my nose and chest so I was ready to get out of bed, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really well today and it was payday so you know I was in such a good mood. Once we had got home from work we headed to Halford's as Luke was picking up his little brothers birthday present which was his new bike- It was raining so we dropped Luke off at his mum's and I headed home to do my lunch for work and then chose what to wear for work tomorrow as it's non uniform. I then washed my hair before I just browsed the internet for a bit. Once Luke got home he ate his tea before we just cuddled in bed as we both fancied an early night- We just listened to music for a bit before we went to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half 6 and started to get ready but I was in so much pain with my back this morning, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Work went really fast today and as it was pay week this week we had no uniform, We ordered a hot sandwich and had some cake. After work we dropped Luke off and I headed to the bank and Tesco as I needed to draw some money out and I bought a few things I wanted to pick up. Once we got back I got a quick shower and changed my bag. I then ate my tea before I dried my hair and straightened it, I decided to watch some YouTube videos before I played Sims for a little bit. Once Luke was home we decided to order a takeaway and eat it whilst we watched TV, We got a Domino's which was so delicious- I definitely recommend garlic butter on your pizza! When we both got tired we cuddled in bed and fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around half 8 and started to get ready so I watched a few YouTube videos like I normally do whilst I was getting ready, I had my driving lesson at 9:30 and it went really well and my instructor said it was a 'Solid Hour Lesson' so I'm guessing it went really well. Luke had his lesson after me so whilst he was out I made the bed and tidied the room before having some breakfast, His lesson also went really well which was good. We headed to Luke's mums after we had relaxed for a bit and got changed as it was Luke's little brother's birthday and he was having a little party and bouncy castle so we stayed there for a few hours before we got home and ordered a takeaway which was probably one of the worst we have had for such a long time. Once we were both tired we got into bed and cuddled.

  Sunday- Me and Luke was awake most of the early hours as Luke suffers really bad with heartburn and acid so he was up most of the night and I just laid awake with him for support really so he wasn't sat on his own. We both woke up around 9:30 so I had some breakfast and we watched some TV for a while. Luke decided to play on his PlayStation so I did a bit of reading before we both got ready and headed to Tesco as Luke wanted to have a look in JD so we took a slow walk up there. Luke picked up some new joggers, t-shirt and some trainers. I nipped into Tesco to get some dinner for myself and Luke got himself a Subway and I picked up a caramel latte it was so nice to have on the way home! Once we got home we ate our dinner before Luke changed into his new clothes and he headed out. I decided to wash my hair before I did a few blog posts and watched some of my YouTube subscriptions for the afternoon with a hot drink. Once Luke got home he had something to eat before we got into bed and literally crashed as we were both so tired from the night before.
How was your week?

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