Sunday, 8 May 2016

Weekly Summary #46

(Weekly Summary 02/05-08/05)

  Monday- I woke up around half 9-ish and just laid in bed researching about house deposits as you know me and Luke are saving for a house and I just wanted to look into it a bit more. Once Luke was awake I made myself some breakfast before we just relaxed in bed most of the morning. Luke played on his PlayStation for a while whilst I cleaned the room. Me and Luke fed the tortoises and gave them both a bath. Luke got ready to head out and I ran myself a bath, I made our lunches for work after I had dried my hair. I decided to just have a relaxing evening so I caught up on YouTube videos and I then played Sims for a while before I read my book until Luke got home. Once Luke got home we ordered (another!) takeaway and ate that whilst we watched TV, We took the plates downstairs before we got ready for bed and just cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half 6 feeling a little worse for wear as my cold was so bad but this weekend I honestly thought i had got over my cold. I got ready whilst I watched YouTube videos, work went really well to say it was the first day back but I was busy and the day flew which is good. Once I got home we dropped Luke off and we headed home, I made lunches for work and then got changed and had my tea, I then did a bit of blog stuff before me and Luke played sims most of the night. Once it got later we watched a film called Speed which is one of my favourites and once it finished we cuddled in bed until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up around half 6 but fell back asleep for a little bit, So I had to rush around getting ready which wasn't what I wanted first thing on a morning. Work went good today and quite fast but it was boiling as the UK is suddenly getting a bit of summer thank god! Once we were home we dropped Luke off at the shop as he wanted some beers for the evening to enjoy in the sun. I decided to get the lunch done for work and head in the garden for a bit and I decided to read in the sun which was a lovely start to my evening. I decided to head in and have tea which I really enjoyed, I decided to keep reading as I had nothing else to do and I want to get more into reading so decided to stick to it whilst I was enjoying it. Once Luke got home I was already tucked up in bed as I wanted to watch a TV program at 9 so I relaxed in bed and watched that whilst Luke got his tea and ate it. Once it had finished me and Luke just cuddled in bed until we fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up around half 6 and started getting ready for work but I woke up with a water infection which isn't great. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready, Work went okay today it was my early so I wanted to make sure I was up to date with everything before I left- I was drinking as much water as I could as I wanted to try flush the water infection out which kind of worked for a little bit but didn't work 100% so I wasn't in the best of moods. Once I had got home I received a few parcels which I was so happy to open as I ordered myself a new bag which I adore so much! I then got a letter from three regarding my account and I was on the phone to them most of the evening as well their customer service isn't the greatest and I've just had issues since I signed up for the account. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we just watched TV for most of the night until we both decided to try go to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up a bit earlier this morning so I got to relax whilst getting ready rather than rushing to get ready, I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready as always. Work went really well today and I was so motivated to actually get my pile done and out of the way for the weekend- It was my late so I was there until 4pm, Once we finished I headed to Tesco as I needed to pick up a few things and me and my mum headed home around half 5, I put all my shopping away before I had my tea and decided to get a shower. Once I had dried my hair I decided to watch some YouTube videos and do some blog posts. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we decided to watch some TV until we were both tired then we got comfy for bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around 8 and decided to just get ready and take my time as I didn't have my driving lesson until around 10 but Luke woke up so whilst I got ready I sat and talked to Luke, my lesson went okay it wasn't the best but it went okay. Luke's lesson also went really well and whilst he was on his lesson I just had some breakfast and stuff like that, we relaxed for a while until we started getting ready as Luke's mum was having a BBQ and drinks so we headed down there and spent most of the afternoon there, Once we got home luke played on his PlayStation and I just relaxed watching him. We started getting tired so we decided to get into bed and cuddle until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up around 9 as I needed the toilet and Luke was also awake so we just relaxed in bed watching Simpsons for most of the morning, I had some breakfast before we decided to clean the room and I decided to get my stuff sorted for work and change my bag. Luke started getting ready whilst I washed my make-up brushes and stuff like that. Once Luke headed out I decided to sit in the garden for a while listening to music and reading my book, Enjoying the sun with my mum, we had egg sandwiches and orange juice in the sun before we both headed in to get stuff done. I did my lunch for work and got a shower before I decided to do some stuff on my laptop. Once Luke was home h had something to eat before we headed upstairs and just relaxed in bed as we had to get up early for work tomorrow.
How was your week?

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