Friday, 10 June 2016

Benefit Perfumes- First Impressions

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm doing something a little different, As you know if you read my blog I really enjoy reviewing scents and perfumes but for this post I'm going to be doing a first impression for each of these perfumes so let's get into it.
  So these are three of the Benefit perfumes in three different scents and recently I've been trying to buy perfumes which are out of my comfort zone as I'm wanting to have a range of scents in my collection and for some reason I really wanted to try these perfumes out. I decided to pick up the sample sizes so I could see how I got on with the scents and if I liked them I could then pick up the larger versions of them which I think was a very logic plan if I do say so myself. I have to say though the bottles are so cute and mini but the packaging is stunning and every fragrance has a different packaging on the bottle which makes them all unique and you know which scent your reaching for with the pattern on the bottle which is good if you have more than one, Now let's get into the scents.
  The first perfume I'm going to talk about is the 'Ring my Bella' which first of all the bottle is absolutely stunning and one of my favourites out of the three as purple is my favourite colour so I guess it's a bit biased but the bottle of this is just such a nice bottle which I keep on my dressing table as I just think it looks stunning. Now to the scent- These bottles with them been samples actually come with just the bottle top so you have to actually put this onto your skin rather than spraying it on but I feel in some ways that's better than actual spray perfumes but time will tell. So the scent, for me anyway is a little strong like I feel if I wore this I'd have a headache but I also can't get my head around what this actually smells like as I find it too strong to smell to get the feel for the scent so for first impression this isn't going to be a scent I reach for a lot unless I fall in love with the scent when I wear it for a bit which I will definitely try this scent out one day and see if I do like it once it's on my skin but I will definitely let you know.
  The next perfume is 'Laugh with Lee Lee' which this bottle is definitely my favourite of the three as I love the colours of this bottle and how fresh the bottle looks with the light colours and gold hardware definitely my favourite! I actually carry this around in my bag for work so you can probably tell from first impressions I really do love this perfume, I have to say also the size of these bottles are perfect to carry round in your bag which is always a plus with a perfume. So time to talk about the scent, This to me is a very clean and fresh scent which when I apply this to work it always makes me feel more clean and confident as the scent just has that affect on me it's definitely a scent which grows on you once you've worn it a few times which is always a good thing too. It's a very girly scent and I love applying this- For some reason this scent reminds me of my mum but she doesn't own this perfume so one she wears must be very similar but when I apply it that's the first thing I think of which is never a bad thing as to me it's more of a comforting scent which I love.
  The last perfume I'm going to be talking about is 'Garden of Good & Eva' again this bottle is very pretty looking at it with the gold hardware and the poppy's on the bottle which fits perfectly with the name of this scent but also fits with the yellow on the bottle- I think that's one of the favourite things about the Benefit perfumes as they are all stunning bottles which is never a bad thing I don't think. So this is one of those scents I really didn't think I'd like but you know what I really do like it and it's definitely grown on me which I didn't expect. So the scent again is more of a girly scent which I think most of the Benefit scents are but this is one of those scent that smells gorgeous once it's been on your skin for a while it seems to smell better once it's sunk into your skin. At the beginning it's a little strong but once it's sunk into your skin it's one of those scents that I'd reach for any time throughout the year which I think is always good with perfume as your then using it throughout the year rather than just one part of the year like summer for example so I definitely feel this scent will grow on me even more which I'm so happy about.
  Do you own any Benefit scents?

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