Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Did I Mention I Love You- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
So today I'm going to be doing my review on the book I've currently been reading so I hope you enjoy it.
  So I bought this book a while ago from WHSmith when I had seen quite a few reviews on YouTube and knew this book would definitely be something I would enjoy so I decided to pick this book up and the second book so I could read them one after another as I wanted to read the story so much.
  So the story line is the main character 'Eden' travels to Santa Monica in the summer to spend it with her dad who left her and her mum years ago so when she gets there it starts off very awkward with Eden and her dad but it gets easier and more comfortable throughout the book which was nice to watch it unfold. Eden meets her dad's new family for the first time and she meets her three stepbrothers.The main plot twist in the story I wont unfold as it's kind of the main bit of the story but I knew it was coming from the beginning as I was expecting it but I still loved it! The writing of this book was very easy to get on with and very easy to read so I flew through this book which was great, This was the perfect contemporary to get out of my reading slump as I was just so invested in the story I never wanted to put the book back and when I did put it down I wanted to pick it up straight away so that's a sign to me that I'm loving the story. The characters to me were just people who you became close to throughout this book as you feel as though your in the story with the characters so you get invested in their feelings and things like that which is something I love in books as I can relate to some characters. This is a big book as it 422 pages but those pages flew by and I wanted the story to carry on so I'm glad I picked up the second book when I bought this. I have to say the storyline is the normal contemporary storyline but that doesn't effect me as I feel each story has it's own feel to it and they all make me feel different things like this story I felt very attached to one of the stepbrothers Tyler as he was just one of those characters who you knew he was hiding something and he was keeping his walls up high and I just felt attached to him and kind of felt sorry for him in a way as I just wanted everything to fall into place for him so his life was a little easier. But I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy more easy light reads, If you enjoy contemporary reads or if your in a reading slump like I was this will definitely get you out of the slump.
  I've kept a lot of things out of this review as it will ruin the story line if your going to pick it up but all I will say is there is a 'Forbidden' love story which I really enjoyed seeing it unfold and I just loved it! But you know the relationship is wrong but you just want it to work out so much...
Have you read this book?

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