Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Evening Routine

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would do something a little different and I hope it works as much as I'm wanting it so as I've been planning to do this post for so long so here goes.

  So today I thought I would do a run down of my evening routine as I thought it would be something a little different and I feel it would be a nice post for a Wednesday evening.

5:00pm- This is the time I get home from work so I take my coat off and scarf when I get through the door.
5:30pm- By now I'll of started my lunch for work for the day after once I've caught up with my mum, dad and little brother and asked how their days have been.
6:00pm- Now I will either get a shower or get changed into some comfy clothes before I wash and cleanse my face before apply sudocream to my spots if I have any (Sounds horrible but helps so much!)
6:30pm- I'll now be drying my hair if I've been in the shower or now I'll be having my tea with a nice drink of either a cup of tea or juice with some ice cubes in.
7:00pm- This is my favourite part of my evening as I start doing my blog stuff so I'll either be catching up on all my blog posts, Scheduling my posts or planning some posts.
8:00pm- If I'm on a blogging evening then I'll keep blogging until I'm done what I need to do or this is when I start watching a few YouTube videos for the rest of the evening.
9:00pm- By now Luke will be in if he's been out for the evening so he'll get in and start doing his tea before eating it which I normally make myself a cup of tea whilst I'm waiting for Luke.
9:30pm-11:00pm- So for the rest of the evening me and Luke sit and watch TV shows or a film cuddled up in bed for most of the evening which I always enjoy this time of the evening as my mind gets to calm down and get ready to sleep.
11:30pm- So this is the time me and Luke get to sleep so we get comfy in bed, Turning all the lights off and we normally just lay in bed whispering to each other for a while until we slowly start to fall asleep.
Evenings can change depending on what I actually want to do when I get home from work but the above is how I spend most of my evenings and I love it!
How does your evening go? 

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