Friday, 17 June 2016

My Favourite Contour Bronzers

Hello Everyone!
  So for today's Friday evening post I decided I would do a different kind of post but I hope you enjoy.
  So I thought I would share my favourite bronzers which I use to contour. I have picked around four products as I just feel these work really well with me and thought I could do a little summary of each product then you can decide which product you think would be best for yourself if your looking for a new bronzer for mainly contouring with so let's get into the products.
  The first product which had to be put into my top four is the Tarte bronzer which I'm not sure of the name of the actual bronzer but I found this on Depop quite a while ago and I've used it since I bought it and I just love this bronzer so much. I feel the shade is perfect for me as I'm really pale but I felt like it would suite many skin tones but I'm not sure if they still sell these bronzers online. The bronzer lasts all day and is the perfect shade to contour but I just love how good this defines my face.
  The next product which is a more recent product for myself as I got it at Christmas from Luke and I was so excited when I got this as I knew I would really love the product and I just love it. This is the Nyx blush in Taupe and this shade is perfect to contour as it's a matte bronzed shade but just works wonders when contouring with it even though it's a blush. Again this lasts all day and it's such a pigmented blush for the price.
   The next product is more of an old product which most people have in their make-up collection but this is the Sleek face form palette in light which I have always enjoyed using but recently I've loved using this to start my contouring routine as I love the bronzed shade in this palette but I have to say I enjoy using this more than the other bronzers as this also has a highlighter and blusher. This palette is so pigmented and lasts all day so I love using this palette. I have to say this is such a good products it's definitely worth the money and it's so inexpensive so it's definitely worth picking up.
   The last product is a brand new product in my collection but I thought I needed to add this into my favourite bronzers for contouring as I feel I will really enjoy using this product for contouring but I've been trailing it since I bought it and I'm really enjoying this. The palette has a bronzer and a highlighter which they are both so pigmented and they seem to stay put on my skin all day without fading which is good. I really do love this product and I'm so glad I picked it up and now have it in my collection but if your thinking of picking it up I'd definitely recommend you picking it up.
Do you have any of these products in your collection?


  1. I've had my eye on that Sleek palette for so long now! Getting it next month for sure, the colours look amazing and I especially like the look of the blush. :) Really enjoyed reading about your contouring products hun, you have a lovely blog! Gave you a follow on GFC and bloglovin' <3


  2. I definitely recommend the Sleek palette! I've had it for so long now and I love it every time I get it back out of my collection and always wonder why I put it away in my draws! It's also so affordable. Thank you so much it means a lot!
    Meg xo

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