Monday, 20 June 2016

New Opportunity!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and it's time for my little ramble but I'm quite looking forward to this one so here goes...
  So I thought I would just have a ramble with how I'm feeling recently so I've been quite down in the dumps recently which I don't really know what brought it on or why I started feeling like this but I think after a while your body gets bored of the same routine and you need a little break which I had one recently but I don't think it really helped me if I'm honest but I enjoyed it at the time. So certain things in my life I'm wanting to change which I feel I may go into more detail with in the near future but for right now I'm just going to keep it a secret but I realised you only live once so you need to do things you really enjoy so your getting the most out of things and I don't feel like I'm happy with certain things but I know I'm going to change these things but you have to make like a compromise with certain things if you want to make a change. I know most people are scared of change which I am one of those people but I decided if you never make that jump you will never do it at all and you'll always have it in the back of your mind if it would of worked out or not. So I recently decided to make that little jump and so far it's going well and I'm more panicky then I've ever been but I'm looking forward to see the future and see where this journey takes me so bring it on!
  This post is basically to just say if there's anything in your life your not enjoying anymore, Change it! There's nothing wrong with wanting to progress or start again so just make that jump and you wont regret it. If it doesn't go the way you want it to then just try again and in the end you'll be content. That's the only way I want to feel with my life and if I have to change everything to feel like that then I will and I'm completely happy with making mistakes along the way and hopefully my blog will document it all so I can look back at the good times and bad and realise I'm on a little journey.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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