Sunday, 5 June 2016

Weekly Summary #50

(Weekly Summary 30/05-05/06)

  Monday- I woke up around 9 and decided to get up and watch some YouTube videos on my phone whilst I had breakfast and waited for Luke to wake up. We decided to have a chilled day this morning before we got ready and headed into town where we went shopping and I was so spoilt by Luke today as he bought be so much stuff for my birthday so when we got back we decided to have a walk on the camp whilst my mum went swimming as we decided not to do it today so we had a lovely walk. We decided to all have frozen meals for tea as it was the easiest before we watched TV for the rest of the evening before heading to bed.

  Tuesday- Today I woke up around half 8 before having breakfast and again having breakfast whilst watching YouTube videos. Luke actually didn't get up until around half 12 (So lazy!) but we decided not to go anywhere apart from the camp so we booked in to archery and played pool whilst we waited for our slot. I was doing archery until I got into the room and my anxiety kicked in as I felt everyone would watch me so I had a little anxiety attack so my dad took my place with my little brother and Luke. Once we had done that we went back and decided to go swimming so we went swimming and bought a blow up ball and played some games in the pool before going on the slides in the pool. We then got back and I dried my hair before we ordered a takeaway for tea before we watched TV again for the rest of the evening before we headed to bed.

  Wednesday- I woke up at 9 again and watched YouTube videos whilst I was up and waiting for Luke. Once he was up I decided to get a shower and get ready before packing my bags. We had lunch before heading into town as we wanted to pick up a few things before we headed home so we had a little walk around and headed into the shops we needed. We headed back as we needed to get some photos for our owners cards so we had those done before we headed home. We got home around 6pm and I had a driving lesson around half 6 so I quickly got ready and headed out for my lesson. It went really well and was such a quick lesson I honestly don't know where the hour went but when I got back I unpacked and got changed and took my make-up off before I bathed Herman. We think Herman has sadly passed away but we think he may also be hibernating so we're not sure what's happened yet so I will give an update soon but I did that before catching up on e-mails and blog posts. Once Luke got back we had something to eat before we just got into bed and watched some YouTube videos together before getting into bed and cuddling.

  Thursday- I got up at 6 this morning and started to get ready and had breakfast as I had my driving lesson at 7:20 so I was up and ready and Luke sat with me until I had my lesson. My lesson went really well but I was so nervous. At 8:20 I had my second driving test and this time I PASSED! I'm so happy and over the moon that all the hard work has paid off. Once I got home the shock kind of hit me and I had a little cry with my mum and got cuddles off Luke. We decided to have a chilled day so we just watched YouTube videos most of the morning before I tidied round and got a nice shower. I then started getting ready as I wanted to feel a bit better about myself. We headed for a meal for the rest of my evening for my birthday and congratulations for passing so that was nice. Once we got home we just all relaxed in front of the TV for the rest of the evening before we all headed to bed.

  Friday- I woke up around 9 with Luke and we just relaxed in bed and opened my cards and presents as it was my birthday woo! Luke then made me breakfast before we both got ready as we were going to look at a car this morning so once we were ready we headed out. The car was in good condition and was very cheap but I wanted my dad to have a look at it after work so we headed to the shops for a while to pass some time on and Luke decided to get himself a new bike. We then headed to Halfords so I could pick up my cushion for my car which makes me a bit higher so I can see out of the window- Yes I'm that small I need a cushion. We then walked home and headed to the garage again but he had actually sold the car which was so annoying so we headed to another garage where I found another car and took it for a test drive which I really liked the car so we bought it and sorted all the paperwork out. The rest of the evening I was just looking for insurance which I found one so I put all that through and got some breakdown cover. Once Luke was home he got a takeaway and we then just got into bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- We both got up at 8 as Luke had a driving lesson at 9 so we just laid in bed before Luke got up and started getting ready. Once Luke had gone for his lesson I decided to have my breakfast and a cup of tea. Luke got back at 10 and we just relaxed on the sofa as we both were so tired and I didn't feel great so I had no energy and decided to stay in today. Luke headed out on a bike ride with his new bike and because I didn't feel great I decided to get into some comfy clothes and quickly wash my hair before I got back on the sofa. I decided to get some blog posts done to get myself back in front which was nice to get done. I made myself a cup of tea and watched some YouTube videos. The rest of the evening was just watching TV with Luke until we were both shattered so we went to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at 9 and again most of the morning me and Luke just relaxed in bed having a nice chilled Sunday morning. I then cleaned the bedroom ready for the week ahead before getting ready as I needed to head to Tesco for a few things so I went there before coming back and getting my uniform ready and my lunch ready for tomorrow. I then ran myself a bath as I wanted to just pamper myself and have a nice soak which I felt lovely afterwards. I decided to do a few more blog stuff today ready for next week as I know I will have a busy week next week. Once Luke was in we spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV and we decided to get an early night ready for work.
How was your week?

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