Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekly Summary #51

(Weekly Summary 06/06-12/06)

  Monday- I woke up around half five as the bedroom was so light even though the blind and curtains were shut but I just laid there until it was time to get up. I got ready watching YouTube videos before heading to work. It was my 'Birthday' at work so I took buns in and got cards and presents which I asked for some Make-up geek eye shadows and a Zoeva eye shadow palette. I got a few little surprises which were a Lush bath bomb and some chocolate so I was happy. I just got caught up since I was off last week and at the end of the day I went to pick up my car (So excited yet nervous!) I drove it to get petrol then had a little drive around with Luke there was a few minor issues but that's only because I'm learning in a new car so I did get a little annoyed but I also love how easy it is. Once we got in we had something to eat before heading to bed as it was quite late and we just cuddled in bed until we went to sleep- Best Monday for a long time!

  Tuesday- I woke up at six this morning ready to start the day. I again watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready and did my make-up with my new make-up which was so exciting. Work was annoying today but let's just leave that there. I'm starting to get a little busy again so tomorrow I may just have to get my head down which is fine by me as the day normally flies by. Once I got home I did lunch ready for work before having tea and getting changed. Luke had a driving lesson at half 6 so when he went on his lesson I went for a drive with my mum and did some reverse parking so I enjoyed that then we took Luke to his mums but I wanted to get a shower and stuff so we dropped him off and me and my mum drove back which it went well. I had a shower and just relaxed doing some blog stuff before I went to pick Luke up again which it went well again and I'm feeling a little more confident which is good. We had something to eat before we headed to bed to just relax in bed for the rest of the evening.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six ready for work but I woke up feeling very faint and sick so I decided to just sit and watch a few YouTube videos until I came round then I started getting ready. I honestly don't know what was wrong with me but when I got at work I just felt drained and so tired with no energy which wasn't good but I did come round in the afternoon. After work I quickly did my lunch for work before I had my tea which I was so hungry when I got home. I then got ready and went for a drive with my mum and tonight it went so well and I'm so proud of myself as I didn't panic and I just took my time with everything which made it a more enjoyable experience which was so good. Once I got home I took all my make-up off and decided to watch some YouTube videos and I read some of my book until Luke got in. We both had something to eat before watching a film in bed until we were tired then we decided to go to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at six this morning and I felt so tired but I got ready watching some YouTube videos and it wasn't too warm this morning which was nice. Work went really good today and I was really busy which always makes the day fly which is always good. It was my late so I didn't start until half eight so I just sat on my phone catching up on social media which was nice. After work I fed Rocky whilst Luke fed our lizard and I then did our lunch for work tomorrow. I started to feel a little faint and sick so I just laid on the bed with Luke until I came round and I had something to eat. I did driving again with my mum and today we went on more busier roads and roundabouts which went so well and I was so proud of myself as I feel like I understand my car now which is really good. Once I got back I got a shower before painting my nails and watched some YouTube videos. I attempted to do some blog posts but I didn't feel in the mood to finish them. Once Luke was home we just laid in bed watching TV and Luke was just cuddling me to try and make me feel better bless him.

  Friday- I woke up at six again this morning and got ready watching some YouTube videos but it's the time of the month so I wasn't in the best of moods. Work went okay today and went quick which is always good so it was nice. Friday we also finish at three so it's always nice to get out earlier. Once we got home I got ready and we went for a drive but it didn't go that great today as I was just panicking again and I wasn't in the mindset I mean it went okay but when I got back I was just in tears which was obviously my emotions but I just couldn't do it tonight. Once I had calmed down Luke came round with his little brother and we played on the PlayStation an stuff like that. Once they had both gone I decided to do some blog posts and read for a while until Luke got back from taking his brother home. The rest of the evening we just watched a film in bed before we went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around nine this morning with really bad stomach cramps as it was 'That' time of the month and ended up getting back into bed. I got up at ten and headed down to get something to eat and a cup of tea so I could take some tablets. I ended up going really faint which happens most months so I ended up just sitting down until I came round. I ate my breakfast in bed watching some videos with Luke before we watched TV for a while. We both decided to start getting ready as we were heading out for the day so once we were ready we went in the car up to Tesco as I needed petrol and some cards for birthday and father's day. We got a subway and ate that in the car before heading home so I could put the shopping away. We then headed to Luke's mums for a few hours before we came home and ate our tea. The rest of the evening we decided to watch a film before we went to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten this morning which is never like me but I got up and headed to the toilet before going down and getting some breakfast. I ate that again upstairs in bed before me and Luke decided to play games on our tablets which I'm thinking of doing a blog post on my favourite game apps for Iphones (Possibly!) Once I started getting bored I decided to get moving and clean the bedroom and change the bedding. I then fed the tortoise whilst Luke fed the lizard. I decided to then get the lunch done for work before ironing my uniform and parcelling a bag up which I have sold on Depop. I decided to get my blog stuff out of the way this afternoon so I got all my blog posts written and scheduled for this week before I changed my bag and got a shower. I decided to watch some YouTube videos on my tablet with a cup of tea before reading for the rest of the evening. Once Luke was in for the rest of the night we decided to watch some more Teen Wolf which we've started watching together. Luke has already seen it but I've always wanted to watch it and it's on Netflix now so we decided to start watching it together and I'm really liking it so far. When we were both tired we turned everything off and headed to sleep.
How was your week?

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