Sunday, 19 June 2016

Weekly Summary #52

(Weekly Summary 13/06-19/06)

  Monday- So today I woke up at little later than usual as I had turned my alarm off as I was awake at half five but I got on a deep sleep for a while so I had to literally jump up out of bed and rush to get ready which was annoying but I got ready watching a few YouTube videos so it wasn't too bad. Work went okay today as Monday's always seem to fly for me and I got a lot of my work done so I was happy. After work I got changed and did my lunch for work before heading out with Luke in my car which was really nice and I really enjoyed the drive which means I'm getting used to it. Once we got home we ordered ourselves a takeaway as my mum had ordered hers and my little brothers so we ate that before getting into bed and playing some of our games on our Ipad before cuddling up in bed and falling asleep.

  Tuesday- This morning I did the exact same as Monday morning I really don't know what is wrong with me lately so I had to get ready quite quickly again but it didn't take me too long this morning which is always good. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready as usual. Work was a little slow today as Luke had some bad news today so he went home early and my mind wasn't on work at this stage but I got through it but I also didn't feel great myself so it wasn't a good day for me. Once I got home Luke was home with his little brother but I was heading to Halfords as I needed some new wipers for my car so I went and did that before getting back and doing lunch for work. Luke was taking his little brother home so I had my tea before I got a quick shower. I decided to watch some YouTube videos before I read my book for a while. Once Luke was home he had some tea before we got into bed cuddling for the rest of the night which was nice as I wasn't feeling great.

  Wednesday- This morning I woke up around half four with really bad heart burn and acid and was awake most of the morning trying to calm it down but nothing helped and I ended up falling asleep sat up. Work was okay but Luke didn't go so I was checking up on him most of the morning and we got the sad news this morning so I just wanted to check he was okay. I finished work an hour early to just get home quicker so when I got home I just spent some time with Luke before heading to the bank in my car which went fine and I decided to do my first drive on my own which went so well I'm so happy! On the way back from getting Luke's sister I had a near miss with a car at a roundabout near my house but it was definitely not my fault as I was round the roundabout like I should of and he was going so fast he went over the roundabout and nearly into my car which was scary but it was okay I was still happy with the drive. Once I got back I had my tea and did my lunch for work before getting into my Pj's and I decided to watch some YouTube videos and read which was really nice and relaxing. Once Luke was back from his mum's we decided to get into bed and watch TV for the rest of the night.

  Thursday- I woke up at six and got up to start getting ready for work and watched some YouTube videos whist I got ready. It was my early at work so I just got as up to date as I could do. The football started at two pm so we kept sneaking into reception to see the score and in the end we won! After work when I got home I sat with Luke for a while before he headed out for a bit. I got a shower and had my tea which was a roast dinner which I really enjoyed. I decided once I had done my hair to watch some YouTube videos and read my book which I'm really getting into. Once Luke was home we got a takeaway which we got a pizza called 'Chef's Special' and it basically had everything you can think of on the pizza which I really enjoyed it. We headed to bed and ended off drifting straight to sleep which was nice as I got an early night.

  Friday- I woke up so confused this morning and I think that's cause I had an early night. I got ready watching some YouTube videos and I got ready quite quickly this morning which isn't like me. Work was okay today just it dragged like mad as it was Friday but I got all my work up to date which is always nice. After work I got ready in the toilets as we were heading out into town which was nice with my mum. We decided to get a subway and head back to the car as it was so busy. Once we got home I took Luke to his mum's in my car and took my mum for a little drive which I then picked my uncle up as he was walking home and took them both for a drive which was nice and I enjoyed it. Once I got back I decided to treat myself to a new bag from Cath Kidston but the payment on the website just wouldn't go through which was annoying. I decided to just leave it for tonight but I watched some YouTube videos before heading for Luke which I listened to some music on the way there which was really nice to just be on my own. Once Luke was home he had something to eat and we just cuddled in bed for the rest of the night.

  Saturday- I woke up around eight but drifted back off until nine and woke up needing the loo so I headed to the loo and got back into bed and just laid there as I had woke up so I just caught up with social media. I got up and had some breakfast whilst I just played some games on my phone with my cup of tea. Today I decided to have a lazy day so I cleaned the room and took some blog posts which I tried something different with my pictures and I really like how it went so I was pleased. I decided to put some new wheel trims on my car which I'm really happy with and I decided to clean my car as it was so dirty so I got it all nice and shiny again. I washed my hair and decided to watch some YouTube videos and type up some blog posts so I'm in front again so I don't stress. Once Luke was back in we watched TV for the rest of the evening until we were tired.

  Sunday- I woke up around nine and decided to get up and have some breakfast as I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. I ate my breakfast and had my cup of tea whilst I caught up on social media. Most of the morning today I mainly read and was on social media as I was just feeling a lazy day so much then I ironed my uniform for work tomorrow. I then did my lunch for work before heading back upstairs to read for a while again. I decided to get a nice bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb as I just felt like pampering myself and I don't feel like I've done it for a while. The rest of the evening I watched YouTube videos and read before watching TV with Luke until we were both tired.
How was your week?

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