Sunday, 26 June 2016

Weekly Summary #53

(Weekly Summary 20/06-26/06)

  Monday- I woke up at six this morning but I could definitely of stayed in bed but once I had woke up and was sat doing my make-up I slowly came round. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready and I was really looking forward to doing my make-up as I hadn't had any make-up on all weekend but it didn't go the way I planned. Work was so hectic as the girl I sit next to wasn't at work so I was covering her work and my own and I was so busy I didn't get any of my own work done but the day did fly by. After work when I got home I had my tea before doing my lunch and I then cleansed my face and got into some comfy clothes. I'm really motivated at the moment with my blog so I decided to get sat down and watch some YouTube videos whilst I planned some blog posts and typed some up. Once Luke was home we watched the football for a little before we watched some YouTube videos on Luke's Ipad. When we started to get tired we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Tuesday-I woke up at six and got straight up which was a surprise but I got ready watching YouTube videos my make-up turned out horrendous today so I was so annoyed but just left it as I didn't have time to restart it all. Work was so hectic again I literally didn't have any time to spare but it flew by again which is always good. After work Luke had his driving lesson so I got a shower and did my lunch for work then I took him to his mum's once he was home. I decided to just relax when I got back and watch some YouTube videos so I did that until I had to pick Luke up again. I decided to take a slow drive down which was really nice and I enjoyed it on my own. The rest of the evening we watched TV and YouTube videos until we were both tired and we went to sleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up this morning so tired I could of definitely stayed in bed but it was so bright at six this morning that I decided to just get up and get ready. As usual I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready. My make-up turned out much better today which was a relief but I used a different foundation and base as I feel I need to switch it up. Work was so busy today I literally still have a to-do list longer than my arm which I've had to leave until tomorrow which is fine. Once we got home Luke got ready to go out on his bike and I changed my bag to my new Vivienne Westwood one which is so beautiful-Literally I adore it. I then had tea and did my lunch for work before I got ready as I was taking a drive to Asda with my mum to have a little look round. Once we got back from Asda Luke was already home so he ate his tea and we decided to just cosy in bed and watch a film for the rest of the night until we decided to go to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at six this morning and I was awake which is never like me but it was my late at work so I didn't actually start until half eight so I just was on social media for most of the time as normally on a morning I don't have time to look on social media. Work was so busy today as it was shutdown for our stockroom so I had to input so many contracts in time for the shutdown which was stressful but I got it done and treated myself to a cup of tea and had a biscuit which was nice to have a break.After work we went to vote which I'm not going to say what I voted as I feel it's a private thing and at the moment everyone seems to be slamming everyone if they aren't voting the same thing. Once I got home I sat in the garden for a bit before I took Luke to his mums and came back to have my tea. I then got a quick shower and watched some YouTube videos before going to pick Luke up. I headed for petrol once I had got Luke then we headed home and Luke ate his tea before we got cosy in bed watching TV for the rest of the evening.

  Friday- I woke up late this morning so I had to rush to get ready before getting Luke up as he was heading on his bike today so I got him up and finished getting ready. I have to say this morning I was very surprised by the result in the EU Referendum but let's hope it all works out in the end. Work wasn't as stressful as the last couple of days which was nice as I could just get on with my work until the afternoon when I got all the work back in. It was my late at work so I just caught up with a bit of my work before I left. After work I just went home and got changed into some comfy clothes and did some blog posts. I then watched some YouTube videos before heading out in my car to test drive the route to work. Once Luke was home we watched some YouTube videos on his Ipad before we just got cosy in bed until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around nine so I went to the toilet and made myself some breakfast and cup of tea before heading back up to bed to get cosy. Luke was still asleep so I decided to catch up on YouTube and I watched 90210 on Netflix as I'm trying to finish it off now. Once Luke woke up we just relaxed for a while and I then fed Rocky before me and Luke decided to have a massive clean out and we got rid of so much and I feel so much better for it now which is always good. I took some blog post pictures and decided to start typing the posts up to get myself in front with a cup of coffee. Once I had done some posts I decided to watch some more 90210 before I watched some more YouTube videos. My eyes were beginning to get tired of looking at the screen so I decided to read my book for a while until Luke got in. Once Luke was in he had his tea before we went upstairs and got into bed and we just watched Netflix for the rest of the evening.

  Sunday- I woke up around nine again and did the same routine of Saturday morning which I have to say I've loved this weekend as I've felt much more relaxed and I've loved catching up on my YouTube subscription and I'm loving 90210 again so I've definitely loved this weekend. Once I was up and had my breakfast I then got changed into some comfy clothes before I started by getting the uniforms ready for work and did my lunch for work on Monday. I then washed my make-up brushes before I cleaned my car out again and washed it as I'm taking it to work on Monday (Wish me luck!) I then had dinner before I got a lovely bubble bath and got into some comfy clothes again before me and my mum took another test drive to work ready for Monday as I just want to make sure I feel confident which it went really well again so I'm looking forward to Monday now. Once I got back Luke was also back from his mums so we made ourselves something to eat before we went to get cosy into bed and just watch Netflix again for the rest of the night before we went to sleep.
How was your week?

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