Monday, 4 July 2016

Another Opportunity!

Hello Everyone!
  So today it's Monday and I just wanted to document this opportunity and it's Monday evening so I'm going to be having a little ramble here on my blog.
  So I decided to join Avon which most people will know about but if your not familiar with Avon it is basically a catalogue which is full of make-up, Skincare and perfumes and you have a rep who orders all the stuff for you and you just put an order through with the order form. The women who used to do it for me was at work but she's now left so I haven't been able to order for so long so I decided to start doing it myself which I'm so excited to do it. I love make-up so I feel I'll be really good at selling the products and I know I will definitely buy stuff every month when the catalogue comes in. I had a meeting with my rep on Saturday afternoon which I was so happy about as I felt more motivated and I had a lot of questions to be answered which she answered for me which was lovely. Once I'm all settled in and know my way around it all I think I will start doing blog posts about it all mainly for myself but also for people who are wanting to start doing it and stuff like that. I really am so excited to get this going though as it's something I'm passionate about so I know I will stick to this and I really want to get something out of this so bring it on!
I hope you have a lovely week!

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