Friday, 22 July 2016

Lime Crime Velventines First Impression & Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be doing a first impression and review on some Lime Crime Velventines which I recently bought myself and they definitely surprised me.
  So the main thing I fell in love with when I first saw these on Instagram was the packaging. I just fell in love with the roses and cartoon style writing I just love how they look. I have to admit I've only had these a few weeks and only used them a few times but the paint is starting to wear off on the top of the lip glosses so I'm starting to think they wont last long. I thought I'd do a first impressions but it's mainly a review as I feel I know how I feel about these after only a few uses. 
  So the first one I picked up was in the shade Cashmere. I thought this looked like a perfect brown nude and I looked at swatches online and I thought this looked like the perfect everyday shade for me so I decided to buy it and try it out myself. So when I apply this its actually more of a pinky nude which I actually really like it and they do last all day but seem to dry my lips out but I just apply a lip balm before I re- apply this in the afternoon when it's started to fade but I really do love this shade and definitely reach for this a lot more than I thought I would but I also love how they dry matte.
  The next shade I picked up was Faded which I knew was out of my comfort zone but I just thought this looked perfect on swatches and it's definitely one of those which makes your lips the main focus of your make-up but this one for me was a lot more patchy when you apply this so you have to apply around two coats for it to be even on the lips but this faded so quickly on the lips and it dried my lips out so much it kind of clung to the dry bits on my lips so it looked a lot worse after a few hours. I re-applied it with a lip balm and again it looked okay for around an hour then started going patchy again so I don't think I will actually wear this much but I do love the colour of this.
  The last shade I have is Riot which online this looked more like a pink red shade but when it arrived and I applied it to my lips it came out as a dark red shade which when I've looked more online it it more of a deep red shade which I definitely prefer but let's get into how this actually applies. This applies more smoothly to say it's a deep red shade but again after a few hours this faded so badly and creased so bad on my lips it looked horrific at work and I didn't even attempt to apply it again as it looked so bad so I just took it off with a wet tissue which I must say it took me a while to get it off but it didn't stain my lips which was good. I've not used this shade since and I honestly don't think I will apply this again which I may be wrong but I honestly do love the shade I just don't like how it starts to look when its been on for a while which isn't good.
(L-R Riot, Faded and Cashmere)
What shades do you suggest for Lime Crime Velventines?

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