Monday, 18 July 2016

New Style!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and let's bring the little chat on as I'm looking forward to this one.
  So for quite a while I've been wanting to change my style up a little as I'm just getting bored of what I wear now as I just feel I need to start changing my dress style. I have no idea what I'm wanting to change it to so I'll do an update once I know what I actually want to do but right now I have no clue I just know I want to change how I dress but we'll see if I actually decided to do it. I seem to go through stages where I buy clothes I want to start wearing but then I don't feel confident so I never wear them and chuck them out which is so annoying but I will find a style I feel confident and comfortable in so we'll definitely see but I'm thinking of starting next month when I get paid and just buying pieces I know I will wear and slowly change my style so I don't get annoyed or stressed that I can't find clothes I like etc (This happens all the time!) I think I might get Luke to help me as I seem to feel more happy when he helps me pick clothes as I feel he's a lot more honest and tells me if a certain piece doesn't suit me because of my height or look nice on me so I then don't just buy clothes for the sake of it. Of course I'm tiny as I'm only 5'1 so no jeans or anything fit me perfectly so I'm definitely on a hunt to find some jeans which fit me like a glove as I love my jeans to fit me perfectly and I only have one pair of jeans but you can definitely tell they've been worn in so much they look like they are on their last leg so I definitely need to pick some new ones up before these get too old. I just feel like I'm at that age now where I should know exactly how I dress but I'm just stumbling around not knowing what to pick up but I get inspired by so many people's clothes that I think 'Oh that might look nice' but then I never step out of my comfort zone but hopefully starting from this month it might change and I just might change my style to something I like and enjoy wearing.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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