Sunday, 3 July 2016

Weekly Summary #54

(Weekly summary 27/06-03/07)

Monday- I woke up at six and I knew I couldn't stay in bed anymore as I needed to get ready but I could of definitely stayed in bed. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready but I was so quick this morning I was ready within half an hour. Work was okay today but I didn't feel great as I think I'm getting like the symptoms of my period early (Always happens) but I drove to work today and it went so well and my parking was spot on so I was so proud of myself. After work I dropped Luke off at his mums and headed home where I got into some comfy clothes and did some blogging for most of the night. I picked Luke up later on in the night and when I got back we watched Money Monster the film which is one of the best films I've seen for so long! We just cuddled for the rest of the night until we both got tired.

  Tuesday- I woke up at six and could of definitely stayed in bed again but I had half day at work today so I think that's what kept me going. I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready but again I was ready so early today. Once we were ready Luke needed the bank as it was payday so I waited in the car before we drove to work and again it went really well but my parking wasn't as good today but I was in the space so it's fine. Work was okay but I only did four hours so it went so fast! After work I went to the petrol station to get some petrol then we drove home to get changed. We headed to go get Luke a suit for his nans funeral which he got one which looks lovely on him. I bought a couple of things but I'm watching my money at the moment for my bills before I just spend it all. Once we got back I decided to get a shower and do some stuff on my laptop to do with Avon which I think I'm going to do a post on it once I've got myself into it. I picked Luke up from his mums later on before we watched TV for the rest of the night.

  Wednesday- I got up at seven this morning and I wasn't at work but I needed to be up early. I didn't have the best sleep but I felt better getting up a little later this morning. I made me and Luke some breakfast and a cup of coffee before I started doing my make-up. I chatted to Luke for most of the morning whilst I got ready and he started to get ready. I took my mum for her to take her car for MOT before we took my little brother to school. We went shopping for a few hours and I got my skin tested by No7 for my shade of foundation which I'm going to be doing a blog post about my experience. We headed home for dinner before I went and got my hair cut and took my mum to pick up her car. I got back and took some blog pictures before I did some blogging as I'm slacking at my posts at the moment. I then watched some YouTube videos for the rest of the evening which was nice. Once Luke was home from the funeral later on that night we had something to eat and just headed to bed as we were both so shattered.

  Thursday- I was awake for six so I got up but I had such a bad headache but I got ready quite quickly so I didn't have to sit there for ages. Work dragged so much today but I got most of my work done which was good. It was my early so once I got home I decided to get a shower straight away so I had it out of the way. I did my lunch for work before I got my laptop out to do some blog posts and to watch some YouTube videos. I decided to start a new book tonight which I'm enjoying so far which is good. Once Luke got home we ordered a pizza and ate it whilst we watched a film and it just put me in such a good mood as I was starting to feel better. We decided to lay in bed in the dark to try and get us to fall asleep which always works for me.

  Friday- I woke up at six and was so ready to just start getting ready I really think I had the Friday feeling this morning which was good. Work was okay today and I got my work done again but I had a meeting with my boss to understand how the next two weeks will work as she is on holiday and we are all taking over our new roles. There was also some bad news from one of the managers which just puts it all into perspective and I guess we all just sat and had a little think for a while. After work we headed to Luke's mums for half an hour before we headed home and I chilled out for a little bit watching a few YouTube videos. Me and my mum headed to Tesco after our tea and I drove! I picked up some essentials and a few new books which was nice. I cleansed my face properly and got into my pj's before I took my new diary down and started to get more organised which made me feel a little less stressed which was nice. I decided to pick up one of my new books and read that for a while with a cup of tea and a jam doughnut which was also lovely. Once Luke got home we got into bed and watched a film with all the goodies I picked up from Tesco which was so nice to do as we haven't done that for a while. As soon as we started to get tired we started to fall asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around ten and was just enjoying the lie in this morning but I got myself up and had some breakfast with a cup of tea. Luke was also awake so we watched some YouTube videos before I read my magazine for a while. I started to get ready and quickly washed my hair before Luke also started getting ready. We headed to Luke's mums for a while to pass time on before I drove us to a pub near where we live as we were going for a meal and we met my mum, Nan and my little brother there to have a meal together. I had to take my meal back as it was flat cold which I felt bad about taking it back but I did and enjoyed it once I got it back. Me and Luke decided to get a dessert to share so we saved a little bit of money but the dessert was massive but it was so nice. On the way home we went back to Luke's mums for a little while until we came back home. I made me and Luke a hot drink before we headed upstairs to watch some YouTube videos but I kept falling asleep as I was just so knackered.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine today to Luke jumping all over me which put me in a good mood. I checked social media for a while before getting up and getting some breakfast which I decided to have some porridge and a cup of tea. I watched some YouTube videos with Luke before we started cleaning the room which we did a deep clean which was definitely needed. Luke cleaned all the windows and mirrors whilst I dusted and did the floor with the vac. I then cleaned my make-up brushes before getting ready to drop Luke off at his mums. I came back and ran myself a bath before changing my bag and painting my nails. My bath was so lovely and relaxing. Once I had dried my hair I made myself a coffee before getting my laptop and my diary to plan my week out and get up to date with my blog posts. Once Luke was ready I picked him up before he ate his dinner and I made myself some noodles which we took upstairs to watch some TV. When we started to get tired I turned everything off and we just cuddled until we fell asleep.
How was your week?

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