Sunday, 10 July 2016

Weekly Summary #55

(Weekly Summary 04/07-10/07)

  Monday- I woke up at midnight needing the loo and got back into bed thinking I have ages until I need to get up but I woke up and it was six and I needed to get up. I sat and did my make-up  whilst I watched some YouTube videos and the morning went so quickly it felt like I was sitting down for ten minutes. Work was so busy that I really didn't see the day go as I just had my head down most of the day getting on with my work which some days I really enjoy. After work I drove me and Luke to Halfords as I wanted to pick up a Sat Nav but they were so expensive but Luke got some stuff for his bike which he was happy with. I sorted my Avon stuff out so I was up to date with it ready for Thursday evening. I took Luke to his mums before coming back and getting into my pj's and taking my make-up off. I did some blog stuff before watching some YouTube videos and decided to watch some TV as a new programme started tonight and I watched it with my mum. I picked Luke up later on and me and Luke just watched TV in bed and I had a hot water bottle.

  Tuesday- I woke up at six to start getting ready for work and I was in a good mood for some reason but I did my make-up whilst I watched some YouTube videos and I decided to curl my hair today which I really liked for some reason I felt my hair just looked healthier curled I have no idea why. Work was so hectic today I have no idea how I kept up with the work but I did so I felt quite proud after work. I drove me and Luke home before Luke headed to his mums on his bike whilst I got a shower and did the lunch for work. I've decided I'm wanting to do a few changes to my blog including a new domain and possibly a new look if I can find any I like. It took me a while to get it all sorted which it still isn't so I decided to leave it for tonight. Luke got in and we watched some YouTube videos and ordered some merch for something which I'm excited for. We decided to lay in bed watching TV for the rest of the night until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six but I definitely wanted to just stay in bed for the morning as I woke up feeling sluggish from my time of the month approaching so I could of easily stayed in bed. I watched some YouTube videos whilst I got ready and I really loved how my make-up turned out today. Work was very hectic again but it dragged like mad today and I ate most of my lunch before 10am which isn't great when you have the rest of the day to go. On the way home we stopped off at the bank as I needed some money out and Luke needed his driving money out. Once I got home I set my laptop up as I needed to place my Avon order tonight for everyone who had ordered from me so I set my little space up and waited for my rep to call me to guide me through it. Luke had his driving lesson at six so he went for that and I did the lunches for work whilst I was still waiting for a phone call. I got into some comfy clothes and cleansed my face before placing my Avon order. I took Luke to his mum's before coming back and just attempting to get my blog going with it's new domain. I picked Luke up later on and we had our tea before we watched some YouTube videos and Luke practised his theory. Once we were both tired we cuddled in bed until we fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at six and started getting ready for work. It was my late today so I sat in my car until around half 8 listening to music and on social media which I really enjoyed. Work was hectic again like the last few days but it's flown so I've really enjoyed it this week. After work I cleaned my car and washed it before I did my lunch for work before getting a shower whilst my mum had gone shopping with my dad so I sat with my little brother and we watched some YouTube videos until my mum got back. Once they got back we had a cup of tea and biscuits and watched TV for a while until Luke got back. He didn't have anything to eat as he said he wasn't hungry so we just got into bed and had some munch before watching some YouTube videos in bed before cuddling and falling asleep.

  Friday- I woke up at six but I honestly thought it was Saturday so I just laid in bed until I jumped up and realised I had to get up and get ready for work. Work literally flew by today as I was getting all my work done but I didn't actually get it all done by the time I had finished but never mind. The drive home from work was lovely as I knew it was Friday so me and Luke was in good moods. When we got home Luke got ready to go to his mums and I took him in the car with my mum as we were going to Halford's for some new wipers and it took us ages to fit them. Once we got back we ordered our takeaway and ate that when it came. I had to have a look at my car as it was leaking this morning but I have no idea where it was coming from. I sorted my blog out and did some blog posts before I started the first episode of Supernatural as I'm starting to watch it. I picked Luke up before we got into bed and watched some more YouTube videos and watched a film before we got cosy in bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at half nine this morning and I had stomach cramps so I got up and made myself a cup of tea to take some tablets with and I laid in bed watching some YouTube videos until Luke woke up. We laid in bed for a while as I was waiting for my tablets to kick in so we were both just watching YouTube videos before we got up as Luke was selling his bike to my uncle so he had to make sure everything was sorted on his old bike which it was. I washed my hair before I quickly did my make-up and got ready as Luke was also getting ready. We were heading out so I dropped Luke off at his mum's and headed to Tesco with my mum to get my car cleaned and washed and fill my tyres up. We had a walk round Tesco and I picked a few things up before we picked my car up and took us home. I got into some comfy clothes and my new slippers before I changed my bag. I got my laptop and watched some YouTube videos before I did some blog posts and picked Luke up. When we got back I did some blog posts whilst Luke was on his Ipad. We ate our tea before we decided to order a takeaway to get some desserts which Luke bought me a chocolate cake and some Ben & Jerry's ice cream which was so needed but we decided to watch a film on Luke's ipad with some snacks in bed which was a lovely end to the night.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine this morning which I was fine with as I made myself a cup of tea again and got back into bed but I read this morning which was a lovely change. Once Luke was awake we cleaned the bedroom and sorted our uniform out for work tomorrow. I washed my make-up brushes and had a nice long bath to try ease my stomach cramps. I got into some comfy clothes and dried my hair before I started to do lunch for work tomorrow. I decided to try get some more blog posts written as I want to get myself in front so I got two more posts written and scheduled so go me this weekend! I then watched some YouTube videos before I read my book for a while. Once Luke was home from his mums we went upstairs and watched a film in bed before we had an early night ready for work.
How was your week?

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