Sunday, 17 July 2016

Weekly Summary #56

(Weekly Summary 11/07-17/07)

  Monday- I woke up at twenty past six which is a little late for me but I got up and quickly did my make-up which it didn't look great but it'll do for work and got Luke up. Work went so fast today which I was so happy about it and I got so much done which was good. After work I drove to Luke's mums as he just wanted to go there after work which we did then we headed to B&Q and B&M as I wanted some props for my photos which I got a few things which was good. We headed back home and I had my tea before I opened some parcels and did lunch for work. I then got changed into my pj's and did a few things on my laptop to get up to date for this week as I know I'm going to be a little busy. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just got cosy in bed and watched TV for the rest of the night.

  Tuesday- I woke up around six and started getting ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was busy again today but I half day on Wednesday so I wanted to make sure I was up to date with everything. After work my mum surprised me with a new charm bracelet and charm which I love I'm definitely going to add more to it. We all then went for a family walk whilst Luke and Aiden went on their bikes which I really enjoyed this. I got a quick shower whilst my tea was in the oven then I ate that whilst I dried my hair. I was mainly doing my Avon stuff tonight on my laptop and stuff like that so I was on there most of the night. Once Luke was home he ordered himself a takeaway before we got cosy in bed and watched some YouTube videos until we were tired.

  Wednesday- I woke up just after six today and started getting ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. It was the half day finish today so me and Luke were in a good mood this morning on the way to work. Work was okay and I got quite a lot done to say I finished at twelve but I'm really happy with how much I got done. Once we got home Luke got ready and headed to his mums for the afternoon and I took my mum for some food and petrol for my car. I then parcelled all my Avon orders up and wrote out all of the books for the next month which I enjoy before I headed with my mum to pick my little brother up. It was parent's evening so we could get his results and he passed all his SATS which we were all so pleased about. I handed some Avon books out and we headed home. We had a takeaway for tea to congratulate Aiden for his good results. I did some blog posts and watched some YouTube videos before I picked Luke up. Once he had eaten we just got into bed and got cosy for the rest of the evening watching TV.

  Thursday- I woke up this morning and really just wanted to stay in bed. I got ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was a bit strange for me as I just didn't feel 'right' I had no idea what was wrong with my but my eyes just felt heavy and tired so I could of definitely of stayed in bed today all day. After work we dropped Luke's step dad at home as he lost his bike so I gave him a lift home before we drove to his sisters so I could give her the Avon order which she ordered and paid for and we then headed home. Luke got ready and headed to his mums whilst I did lunch for work and got changed before I got a quick shower and dried my hair. I did some blog stuff before I watched some YouTube vidoes. I had a video call tonight so I got involved with that making notes before Luke got home. Once he was home he ate his tea before we watched TV for the rest of the night.

  Friday- I woke up at six this morning and watched some YouTube whilst I did my make-up and my hair. I drove to work and picked Luke's stepdad up and headed to work. I had a little issue with my car this morning but it's okay now. Work went okay today and I was really busy but I got quite a bit done which was good at it's our early finish but I got so much done. After work I opened all my parcels when we got in and me and Luke just relaxed and started doing Pokemon GO which everyone is on at the moment but we're really enjoying it. Luke had his lesson at half six and I actually sat in the back which was really good and he did so well bless him. After that I dropped Luke off and headed to Aldi with my mum as we wanted to pick a few things up. Once I got home I got changed and took my make-up off and just sorted all my stuff out for the weekend like blog posts and stuff so I was in front and didn't have to rush. Once Luke was home we ordered a takeaway and watched a film while we ate it. We then got into bed and got cosy ready to fall asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at nine which I was happy with as I felt like I had a lovely lie in. Once I was up I made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea and I went back upstairs and decided to watch some Netflix and read for the morning whilst Luke was waking up. We just relaxed in bed for most of the morning before we both started getting ready as we were heading out for the day and we obviously tried to catch some Pokemon (We helped each other!) We also headed to the pet shop as we needed to pick some stuff up so we were there for a while. We headed back to Luke's mums for a while before we headed home. We just relaxed in bed for the evening watching some YouTube videos and getting cosy ready to fall asleep. I were just so shattered and I wanted to be ready for Sunday as I have a busy day ahead.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine again as I have a busy day today so I got up and had some breakfast before I started to get ready and choose my clothes for the day and I decided to watch some YouTube videos whilst I got ready. I was picked up for eleven which we just sat chatted whilst we got to where we were going to be for most of the day and we mainly just advertised to everyone and handed leaflets out and stuff which was so out of my comfort zone but I was so excited to get into it properly. Once I got home I decided to do lunch for work and get all my uniform stuff sorted ready for Monday. I then got a quick shower as I wanted to be able to chill out for a little before we headed to bed so I wanted to get everything done once I got home. I decided to just sit and read and catch up on my YouTube subscription with a hot chocolate for the rest of the evening which was nice to just relax. Once Luke was home from his mums which he went so he wasn't on his own today he ate his dinner before we headed upstairs for the evening watching TV until we were both tired.
How was your week?

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