Sunday, 24 July 2016

Weekly Summary #57

(Weekly Summary 18/07- 24/07)

   Monday- I woke up this morning thinking it was the weekend so that didn't start the day off too well but I got up and started getting ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was so busy today and it was boiling so I just couldn't concentrate and the system was so slow so I wasn't getting much done which was annoying. After work me and Luke headed home and travellers have taken over the field area on the way up to my house so that was surprising as they wasn't there this morning when we set off to work. I rang a finance place regarding Luke's bike which I was on the phone for around twenty minutes and half of that time I spent on hold. I then did my online dashboard for my car and I'm currently on gold which is really good but I'm slowly sneaking into the silver category so I need to get it back to gold. I then had something to eat before I caught up on YouTube and blog posts. I scheduled some tweets before I had a hot chocolate and watched Brief Encounters. Once Luke was home we headed to bed to get nice and cosy and catch up on our daily vlogs which we watch on a night time. Once we were both tired we headed to sleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up this morning so warm as the weather was so beautiful outside! I got ready half dressed as I was just so warm but I watched some YouTube videos. Work was okay today but it was so boiling at work the aircon was on full blast and I was still so warm. After work I decided to have my tea in the garden in my shorts and vest and just soak in the sun. I read my book and listened to some music in the back garden until quite late and I decided to get a nice cold bath and just cool down which it was lovely. Me and Luke just laid on the bed watching TV and YouTube videos before we tried to drift off to sleep but the warm weather just kept us awake for quite a morning.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six this morning so happy to stay in bed but I dragged myself up and started getting ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work wasn't as warm today in the office which was nice but it was still boiling every where else in the building. I got all my work up to date but I was annoyed most of the evening which wasn't nice but it just made me more motivated when I got home. After work when we got home me and Luke just caught up with each other and it's our two year anniversary today so we just spent some time together before we both did our own stuff. I dropped Luke off at his mums whilst he played Pokemon Go in the car. I got back and had my tea before I got changed and took my make-up off. I decided to get a few blog posts done if I could but I only got one done which was better than nothing. Once I picked Luke up we just relaxed in the bedroom trying to cool down which I think we need to buy a fan for the bedroom. Once we started to get tired we turned everything off and just laid there until we drifted off.

  Thursday- I woke up at six this morning and I thought it was the weekend all this week I could of happily stayed in bed. I got ready watching some YouTube videos but my make-up has been looking terrible this week but I think it's just how humid it is and stuff but I've just coped with it. Work was very productive today and I got so much done so I was so happy and I'm starting to see more of a response for the stuff I've been doing after work so I was in such a motivated and positive mood. After work we took my car to the garage as I'm having a few issues with it but it's still under warranty so I took it up and left it for the night. Once I got home me and Luke just relaxed for a while before I got into work mode and got my laptop out. I did my lunch for work before I had my tea and got a quick shower. I dried my hair and cleansed my face before I got up to date with all my stuff. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we did his theory test and watched some YouTube videos before we got cosy in bed for the rest of the evening.

  Friday-I woke up at six but ended up falling back asleep until half 6 as my mum was taking us to work since I didn't have my car so I definitely enjoyed the little lie in I had as I normally get up at six. I got ready whilst watching YouTube videos. Work I had literally no motivation as it was Friday but I got the work done which was needed to be done for today so it was all good. After work when we got picked up by my mum we went to the burger shop to get something to eat before we went to pick my car up which there was nothing wrong with my little car thank god. I drove home and Luke headed to his mums whilst I went food shopping with my mum. Once we got back I washed my hair and cleansed my face before I had my tea. I painted my nails and picked out my clothes for tomorrow before I did some blog stuff and sat with Luke for the evening watching YouTube videos and TV. Once we were both tired we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Saturday-I woke up at half eight with Luke as Elle (Our dog) came in running around and jumping around on the bed so we both jumped up and ended up being awake so I had my breakfast in bed and started to get ready whilst Luke also got ready. We headed into town as Luke had his theory test so me and my mum went for a coffee and a chat whilst we waited for Luke. Once he had finished which he failed by only two marks so he'll definitely pass the second time round. We headed to the phone shop as I wanted to upgrade my phone as it's due in September but the price to upgrade a month early was ridiculous so I'll just wait. We had a Subway for our lunches and headed home. Me and Luke ordered ourselves a new watch both as we'v been looking at one for a while and I'm so happy with mine as I still haven't found a designer watch which I like but I've picked up a Lipsy one which I do like so I'm excited for it to arrive. We headed to Luke's mums for the evening and just had a catch up there which was really lovely before we headed home to have some tea but I had a banging headache so once I had eaten I got into my pj's and got into bed which I fell asleep straight away.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine this morning and got up to have breakfast in bed before I started to sort my bedroom out as I had decided I wanted to change some of my draws around to make myself a little more organised and the bedroom less cramped so I did all that before I did lunch for work and sorted my uniform out. I had a shower before I made sure my bag had everything in for work tomorrow. I had my roast dinner and dessert before I sat down to do my blog stuff and to order some stuff online as I'm wanting to get more organised so I decided to do a small Amazon order. Once Luke was home we mainly watched TV for most of the evening until we were both tired.
How was your week?

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